This year I borrowed my Dad's car and brought along M. Nelson Balkman, my beer pong partner Chris Hummel, and his girlfriend Sara Martin. This trip would be challenging for all of us and it would test our limits of dealing with other people in close quarters.


My best good friend Jessica was going to assist Jenny and Timmy in caring for Coach Bombay (my roommate Chris was back in California visiting family for the holidays) so I stopped by her house to give her the keys. She was having a New Year's Eve Eve Party (on the 30th), so I stopped in for a quick picture and some snacks, then left town.


We stopped in Northern Texas to fill up on gas, and the clerk informed us that highway 40 West (which we were traveling on) was closed starting in Amarillo (about 50 miles away) and all of the hotels were booked up. We absolutely had to be in Mesquite by January 1st so that we could check in for the tournament. I am visibly upset in this picture, which makes sense because any small delay could result in us not making it to Mesquite in time. Balkman wasn't phased by this hiccup in our trip because it gave him a chance to smoke multiple cigarettes; something that he was not able to do while seated in the car. We ate some Taco Bell and mulled over our options.











Much time had passed between the picture on the left and this one. By this time we were in some random location in the Midwest filling up on gas. It was now daylight, and we had been traveling for about 7 hours, leaving about 23 hours left before Mesquite. See how happy I am in this picture? Check again 23 hours from now.




























The sun was setting, but we knew that the stars at night, are big and bright (clap clap clap clap) DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!!! I have to admit, the only reason that I know that song is because PeeWee Herman sang it in PeeWee's Big Adventure. That movie was also the reason I asked to see the basement when I took a tour of the Alamo when I was in San Antonio. I called my Dad, who has traveled everywhere in the world by car and plane, to find out what we could do. After searching online through maps of Texas, my Dad found a crazy backwoods route that would get us around Amarillo and eventually back to the freeway. The only trouble was that it would add a good 6 hours to our trip, which was ok considering if we waited overnight for them to clear Highway 40, we would have been sitting idle for a good 10 hours. Even though it would cost more in gas, we decided to go with my Dad's backwoods route through the Texas countryside.












World Series of Beer Pong 2 - The Drive There


It's high time that I start writing about the fantastic adventure that was the 2nd World Series of Beer Pong in Mesquite, Nevada. Like last year, we would be driving out there, but this year I would have to leave my cat, Coach Gordon Bombay, in the care of my family members.