Rage for Timmy III - The Bee's Knees - Day 1



I don't possess the words necessary to describe the beauty and serenity of Afterglow this time of year. Me, the writer, can't come up with the words. It's a good thing that I have these pictures.

I also don't have the words to describe how much I love Jenny Reck and how much she means to me. I don't know what I would do without her and this weekend we would Rage for Timmy.


We always wanted to go up to Afterglow in the fall to check out the changing colors of the trees. We have been told it is spectacular. It was a perfect time to once again Rage for Timmy. We chose September 21-23 and this was my first trip since Coach Gordon Bombay died on August 21st. Loyal visitors to this site know that I always used to hold him, say goodbye and take a picture with him for good luck. I didn't know what to do without my little pal, so that explains the sad look on my face. I had just moved into my new apartment but needed to say goodbye to someone, so I met Jenny at Mom's house and took this picture with Gracie. But it just wasn't the same.













After checking out the cabin we walked down to the lake to see what Afterglow really look like in the fall. And we really liked it. As you will see in the next few pages Afterglow is a really beautiful place in the fall, although I will take the warmth of summer over this weather any day. But it was still real nice, warm enough that we didn't need jackets. But that didn't stop Jenny from wearing this giraffe hood/mittens thing that her friend made for her. And our weekend would begin with enough rage to be able to rage for 3.


We had to take Jenny's car up to Afterglow in July because Mom's car wouldn't start, so I offered to take my car and drive this time. Jenny was unemployed at the time although she said that she was a stay at home Mom without the Kids. The nice thing about it was that I took the day off of work and we were able to leave Friday morning to maximize our time at Afterglow this weekend. On our way from Eagle River to Phelps it started lightly raining which led to a beautiful rainbow. The various colors of the leaves really set the scene and made for a very peaceful drive. I use this picture for my Podcast The Drive to Stay Alive, which you can find on my blog.














We've stayed in Cabin #2 for the last 10 years and the last two Rage for Timmy weekends. But someone else had it this weekend. This would be the first time I have been in Cabin #4 but so far I was liking what I saw, especially this room.

Jenny and I brought along a friend named Charlie. He sat in the backseat and mostly kept to himself. He wanted to say something and started talking. I said I can't hear you, can you speak up? And he I'm sorry, I'm a little horse. Never a dull moment around here.