World Series of Beer Pong 3 - Vegas Round 1





Joe told me that he barely got any sleep, I believe that he said he only slept for a mere 30 minutes. We got to the airport super early, thanks to Paul. I asked him to pick us up early, thinking that it would take a while to get us going after last night. We surprised ourselves, and had plenty of time to kill before going through security and boarding the plane. Like the good little hung-over kids we were, we drank plenty of water and ate plenty of greasy food. Thankfully, the Starbucks gave us water and our dollars bought us Burger King breakfast, complete with some miniature circle tots. I forgot how good tater tots really are. They totally hit the spot, and I was better off because of them.























When we boarded the plane and took our seats, Joe found out that he would be riding bitch (the middle seat) for the four hour flight. He was pissed, and to be quite honest, I couldn't have been happier. It is funny to see him get worked up over the silliest things. When we got up in the air, the flight attendant asked if we would like to move to the back of the plane where there were some empty seats, and we agreed so that we could spread out. We got extra granola bars (she must have guessed that we needed them to soak up some of the excess alcohol in our systems) and giggled about the picture on the right. Nothing is funny about emergency landings and evacuations, but having things exiting out the rear is always hilarious.

















Someday I'll show you pictures from New Year's Eve and Tim and the Micah Olsen Band's show at the Gig. It's still too soon to bust those out. Basically, I got extremely drunk and acted like a fool. Joey Kanz got pretty wasted too, so we both were in rough shape when we had to go to the airport in the morning. I said my goodbyes to Coach Gordon Bombay, and wished that I could've stayed in bed and slept all day like him, but that would have meant that I wouldn't be able to go to Las Vegas to play beer pong. This trip was important to me, and I needed to go back out to the city of sin and defend my name, our league, and Milwaukee Beer Pong. The 3rd time, I hoped, would be a charm.