World Series of Beer Pong 5 - Before




The Packers were playing against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix on Sunday January 3. I guarantee I was the only person in the Milwaukee airport wearing a Packers jersey that was not going to Phoenix that morning. Everyone probably assumed I was going to AZ to watch football but no, I was off to Vegas to play beer pong.


I'll start out by saying that I didn't want to go out to Las Vegas for the 5th World Series of Beer Pong. There are only 2 reasons why I decided to make the trip out there. I've been to WSoBP 1 thru 4 so I might as well go to #5. And Last Cup (the beer pong documentary) was also finally released this fall so people probably saw it and expected me to be there. I can't let my fans down so I went back.













The worst thing about The World Series of Beer Pong is that it starts on January 2nd. That means that we need to be out there on the 1st. That wouldn't be a problem except the night before is New Year's Eve - on of the biggest party nights of the year. Instead of getting drunk I went to go visit my Grandma in the nursing home. I figured that was a better way to start 2010 then getting hammered.














My Dad stayed up until midnight with me but went to bed shortly after that. I should have gone to bed to rest up for the WSoBP V but instead I raged it with a White Russian and a Full House marathon on ABC Family. After all I will someday be Uncle Joey to James or Timmy's kids so I needed to do some research. 


I decided to sleep over at my Dad's house because I asked him to take me to the airport in the morning. I figured that if I stayed there then at least I would wake up in the morning. I had an early flight (something around 9 AM) so I had to make sure that I was awake in time for it. But that didn't stop me from celebrating.











My Grandma has Alzheimer's pretty bad but my Grandpa is still very much all there. The only reason why he is in that wing of the nursing home is so that he can be with my Grandma. He's willing to sacrifice his own freedom so that he can be with his wife of 50+ years. That kind of commitment is inspiring. I love my Grandparents so much.