World Series of Beer Pong 6 - Before



Coach Gordon Bombay is used to me leaving for a few days that he doesn't care about saying goodbye anymore. Between Afterglow, The WSoBP and Brewers roadtrips, he spends more time with alone than he does with me. And this year would be no different.

I don't like riding on an airplane. I'm not scared of flying nor am I claustrophobic. It's just that airplanes weren't built for big people like me. It's not comfortable to be squeezed into a tight space, and the 4 hour flight seems twice as long when I'm in this awkward position.














We got into Vegas before noon, and with New Years Eve being the night before the city hasn't recovered yet. That's ok, because neither did I. I don't know what Hummel and Sara did for New Years Eve, but I doubt they raged it real hard. And why do it? There's plenty of time for raging in the 3 days of the World Series of Beer Pong.

I've known Lester (what an unfortunate name) for something like 4 years now. I used to see him more than once a year when I used to travel around and play in beer pong tournaments. I no longer play beer pong except at the WSoBP. The thing that I miss the most about it is the cool people that play. It's definitely not the game.














I've known Mike of the Iron Wizard Coalition since year 1, and he's one of my favorite people in beer pong. Apparently he really likes me too because when I ran into him at O'Shea's Casino he gave me a big hug. See, it isn't just the ladies who love the Iceman. They all do.


Las Vegas is a great town. Sure it's great for all the wrong reasons,  but it's great nonetheless. Where else can you walk down the street in broad daylight drinking a 24 oz can of PBR and get away with it? Well probably in Phelps, but what other big city let's you rage like that?















O'Shea's is the perfect hangout for people attending the World Series of Beer Pong. It has cheap tables and slots, cheap eats and cheap drinks. And did I mention that they have beer pong tables set up for people to play 24/7? When the WSoBP tournament is happening, we'll be in the Flamingo. When it's not going on, you can find people playing pong over here. Which is why Hummel and I went to O'Shea's to practice. Since the CHBPL disbanded, neither of us play anymore, so it's safe to say we're a little rusty.
















The Flamingo is a pretty shitty hotel and casino, but you get what you pay for. Besides the location is what makes it a good place to stay. So what if you sacrifice decent rooms and entertainment? You just walk somewhere else to hang out. Right across the street is Caesar's Palace, and the statue of Julius Caesar stands in front of it with his arm in Revolution mode. It's always nice to see a fellow Revolutioner who knows how to rage.