World Series of Beer Pong 7 - Before



I made my way to the Bellagio because it was kind of across the street. I had spent all of my allotted money for the day at Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon. It was at the Bellagio on this night when I had the most fun of this entire trip (no offense to my friends of course). First I played this Rock N Roll slot machine that played music while the reels spun or when you won money. It was right next to the buffet line so I caused a scene by headbanging and throwing up the rock sign. Next I slapped my ass and danced around after winning $30 on Pirate slots. I was creating a real spectacle of myself but then was taken aback (and was dumbstruck) by the Ghostbusters slot machine. It is my favorite movie of all time so I was trapped by nostalgia. Scenes and images from the movie filled the screen and the music blared from the headrest behind me. For a few minutes I was enraptured by my childhood returning so much to the point that I didn't realize that I was losing money. Damn you Las Vegas!

I left all my money in the hotel room except for like $40, which I lost at Bill's. I took out some money from the ATM machine to gamble at Bellagio and I brought myself back to even on Rock N Roll and Pirates. I was planning on leaving even but then lost all I won at Bellagio on the Ghostbusters machine. Damn you nostalgia. For some reason unbeknownst to me (because I hate American Idol) I sat down at this machine and started to play. And I sat there for over 2 hours and I kept winning. There were 4 of us playing and if one person hits the bonus, everyone gets to play. And sometimes the bonus just starts randomly. Outside of the bonus game I won like $150 on one spin (it was a penny slot) by getting a shitload of Ellen DeGeneres pictures and from there on I was betting $6 a spin. I was playing with house money a getting really drunk on backpack rum (my stash I brought with me) and as many 7 & 7's as the drink girl would bring me. For a more detailed account of what happened check out my blog for some pretty interesting Tweets. I ended up walking away up $250 and drunk as shit. Maybe this could be a good trip.

If you had watched my video that I filmed the night before I left "hyping" up this trip and the amount of coverage I was going to provide on the Pookon Network, then you would know how sick I was. That didn't go away once I got here. But even though my stomach wasn't allowing me to eat food I still tried to make the most of my time out here and walked around the neighborhood. Even though I claim to not like this joint I sure manage to find myself out and about town checking out some of the same old things I've seen many times. Las Vegas. Hell of a town.

I'll admit I wasn't that happy to be here. I'm way past my prime as far as beer pong goes and to top it off I was stomach sick so that made eating or drinking anything repulsive. I wasn't looking forward to the next couple of days, but I had already committed to being here.

Coach Bombay wanted to stow away in my backpack and join me in Las Vegas. And why not? They're trying to make it family friendly and he is my family. I would have taken him along but families don't belong in Las Vegas. There's too much evil in that decrepit place.














I got into Vegas around noon local time and it took forever to get from the Airport to the hotel. I bummed around the hotel a bit until my room and then admired the view from my room. I was so glad I would be able to see drug deals go down on the parking lot roof again like last year. After laying around for a bit (remember I was sick) I decided to go and check stuff out before Kevin, Sara and Hummel got in around 11pm local time. I went and bought a bottle of rum at the liquor store then gambled for about an hour at Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon. I paid like $30 for "free" drinks while I was gambling then decided to walk around a bit more. That's where I saw this bum with a funny sign. I gave him $1. Even though this scheme has been done a thousand times, I still find it funny because it cuts through the bullshit. That's all I ever ask.