Afterglow 2005 - Day 1









































This year, we were all able to go up on the same day at the same time. That made my Mom happy because we could all spend the entire 7 days together. This is something that my family does not get to do too often. Last year, James, Jenny and I came up Sunday evening, basically reducing our vacation time by 2 days. Tim was mad because he didn't have anyone to hang out for the first two days (also remember that Saturday and Sunday at Afterglow are purposely devoid of activities so that you can spend some time with your family). But there he was in the back seat, and there I was in the front seat, and there was your Mom driving the automobile. Usually I drive, but she insisted, defending her need to drive by the fact that she never drives to Afterglow. Makes no difference to me really, as long as I get there.

The Kid wanted me to drive with him so that we could drink our Mountain Dew and listen to classic rock. That guy really does look to me to improve his time spent during this vacation and in life in general. I just hope that I never let him down or break his heart.

We stopped at a rest stop to because Timmy needs to rest at least twice an hour, 6 times if he's pounding the Mountain Dews. I think I was pretty tired, because I don't remember much of the drive up, which leads me to believe that I was sleeping the whole time.

I do remember stopping at Culver's in Wausau for a fabulous Butter Burger deluxe basket. We ate our food then went outside to find a race car, some dude wearing sandals, and an ugly pug dog. That's one heck of a racing team if you ask me - 1st place every week if you ask me.

When we get to Eagle River, was always stop at Bonson's Pick 'n Save, but this year I dropped them off and went in to town to find a swimming suit. I went to every store in the downtown area (3 blocks) but couldn't find one in my size. Looks like I'll be wearing shorts this year...

We are all allowed to pick out several items for personal consumption (I always get lucky charms, goldfish crackers, and 5 Alive juice) as well as all of the other groceries we'll need for the week. Our bill always tops over $100 dollars and we always end up going back for more midweek.

James and I then make a beeline for the Liquor Spot and each spend about $30-40 dollars on booze, which usually lasts us until Monday (today being Saturday). I guess it's no surprise then that we drink a lot up here. But we figure it's ok because we don't have to drive.