Afterglow 2013 - Day 2 Sunday



I don't like seeing pictures of me without a shirt on. No one does. That's how I've managed to stay single all of these years. Even when I'm fully clothed the women can tell what's lying underneath. It's no surprise. So how did these pictures end up on here? Because I'm getting too old for that shit. I've come to the conclusion that I will never find a wife so I might as well just be topless all the time. Why the hell am I talking about that? I should be talking about Jenny and I going swimming on an average Afterglow day. Damn you whiskey.


I'm getting old. I hate to admit it, but a day and night filled with rage (and booze) gives me a hangover the next morning. I was hurting big time, so Jenny and I went up to KK to do some morning stretches. Jenny hates to admit it too, but she's no Spring Chicken anymore. What does that even mean anyway? I'm sure I could look it up but instead I'll make up my own definition. A Spring Chicken is one that bounds from place to place with endless energy as if they had springs on their legs. That description does not fit the both of us. We needed this morning stretch. We put on some music, Jenny led me through some exercises and we were ready to begin our day.













We went out to Memory Point to visit Timmy. We didn't go yesterday and we couldn't delay the inevitable another day, so here we were. We found something new this year and it could either be a ship wheel or a wagon wheel. I like to think that it's a wagon wheel. Hey Momma rock me. Like the wind and the rain.














Memory Point is such a beautiful place that I hate that for me it's also a sad place. I want to be out here as much as possible yet at the same time I never want to set foot here again. That's what makes coming out here so difficult. But here I am again. It isn't the first time and it won't be the last. I have to come out here.














When Jenny and I come out here we bring music. And not just any old music. We bring the music that Timmy loved. There's a certain kind of peace and serenity here in the heart of nature and one might say that ambient noise is better than any band could perform. Whoever said that might have a point and I've been known to lie on the grass in silence and stare into a fire for hours. I love the sound of wind blowing through the trees and the waves crashing upon the shore. But there's a time and place for some Umphrey's McGee.


The weather wasn't the greatest this morning, but a bad day at Afterglow is better than a good day anywhere else. Stacy and I were sitting on the dock waiting to go swimming. It's incredible the difference that the sun makes in your overall sense of warmth. With it you can go swimming at a moment's notice. Without it you need liquid courage. Thankfully I've always got a steady helping in my hand at Afterglow.