Afterglow 2006 - Day 1


















Tim had introduced me to my newest best friend and sea-worthy companion Sailor Jerry. It has more alcohol than Captain Morgan and has less of a spice to it. I've never been a fan of the Captain, so the Sailor did me just fine. Most importantly, it mixes well with Mountain Dew, so I get a great tasting drink with a kick.





















Jenny would be turning 21 in less than a week, so my Mom let her drink. I'm just setting you up for the next 7 days so that you can understand why we are so happy and goofy looking all of the time. Any time that you see us carrying giant mugs, they contain some kind of mixed drink in them. Man I love vacation.



Before we could submerge ourselves in the water, Mom insisted that we take a family picture while we all still looked moderately presentable. It bothered me a little bit because she was taking away from my big pool time, but since she was footing the bill I'll do whatever it is that she wants.














I had made a promise to Kevin McKissick that I would get the Afterglow 2006 pictures and commentary up by the end of November 2006. At the point in which I am working on this right now, it's going to take a major miracle for that to happen. I'm going to set a personal goal to have it done before 2007, but I guess we'll all see how long it actually takes when I put the finishing touches on this year's adventure. For everyone's sake, let's hope that it it sooner rather than later. Without further ado, I present you with the beginning of Afterglow 2006.

My Mom had suggested that I sleep over at her house the night before so that we could make sure to leave on time. This also made sure that I would wake up sober enough to make the 5 hour drive to Afterglow. This year we would have to take 3 cars because James would be bringing Janelle and Faith, and the other 4 of us (Mom, Tim, Jenny and myself) would not be able to fit in the Ford Taurus with all of our mixed luggage and weekly necessities. It would be me and Mom (which is a great preview of the future) spending the next 5 hours together. I know I look extremely happy with my cowboy hat on, but it's mostly because I just found out that there is enough space in my Mom's basement for me to move in to. It's that or I'm just super stoked about another spectacular week at Afterglow Lake Resort. Can it be both?

At the time, Brian and Tommy had a $5 bet going as to who would cut their hair first. That explains why they both look like shaggy creatures throughout this entire week. Brian eventually won, but it was only because Tommy needed to cut his hair for sports (I do believe it was for basketball, but I might be mistaken.)

Tim had a great idea. I take that back. Where's the backspace key on my keyboard? Oh never mind, I'll just keep it in here to take up space. Tim wanted to go to the rock pile to through some rocks at this floating target that it out on the lake. It's basically a wooden board with a hole through the middle. We had a contest to see who could hit it first. Tim said that he could beat me, which turned out to be completely false. The problem was that Tim refused to go swimming until he hot the target, and even waded halfway into the water to gain an advantage.