Afterglow 2014 - Day 5 Wednesday



Another two pictures, another two couples. One of them you have already seen and you are accustomed to. The other you have already seen and you are probably sick of. James and Melissa deserve out attention. Kevin and I do not. Why? Because they are cute and in love. We are ugly and hate each other. But somehow each duo works in ways that should not and cannot be explained. The South Carolina Recks live in an environment that is separate from the Wisconsin World. The Back Alley Burners live in an environment that is separate from the entire World. I love this, but I still can't explain it to you. So why bother trying?
When you want group pictures, it is always beneficial to have an extra person around that is ready and willing to take that picture. When you are lucky enough to choose a World renowned photographer like Zack Arias, Jesse Wright or Estevan Oriol, you jump at that chance.  But if you can't afford those modern visionaries, you might consider paying Kevin McKissick to take your picture. Of course when you do that, you take your chance. One picture may be perfect, but the other picture is your feet taken by Kevin.












Yesterday was a very long day. They all are here at Afterglow. So when we woke up on Wednesday morning, it didn't dawn on us that we only had 3 more days left in paradise. That was at the back of our minds. But none of that was important right now because it was the dawn of a brand new day. But one adventure was ending, as James and Melissa were leaving today to hang with her family at their cabin.










The Werner Family cabin was in nearby Minocqua or some shit, but they needed to get a move on if they were going to make the most of their time. We were hanging out on the road outside of cabin #1 and some good friends stopped by to say their goodbyes. Mark and his wife Amy (who was with childs as it turned out - twins) got involved in the morning festivities. It's so hard to say goodbye...










Pictures help to preserve the memories and they also catch us at a moment in our lives. These kids do grow up so fast. Melissa chose Juniper as her photo mate and James chose Kevin. I'm not one to judge people, but I think that Melissa made the wiser decision on that day. Nothing against Kevin (seriously), but I believe that children are our future. June still has chance to make a difference in this World.

















The couples er... coupled up while my camera was in picture taking mode. Notably absent is myself. Anyway, Jenny and Brandon seemed to be having a really good time sitting there on the bench and Melissa had a good time holding James' stomach. There's a story behind this I think. In every picture, James touches Melissa's belly like she is with child (she is not). In this picture, she decided to reenact the geasture.








Kevin got a picture with my Mom. And why shouldn't he? This is a tradition that has been going on for like 78 years now, so there is no reason to upset the apple cart now. Why would you do that? And apple a day keeps the dentist away. Everyone knows that.

James got a picture with Mom because Moms like that kind of thing. They say that they love all of their children the same, but you know that the first born (James) and the baby (Timmy) get all the love and the middle children (Me and Jenny) get gyped.