Scott and Joey Kanz go to St. Louis Again




Before the game, we watched the Brewers take batting practice. Matt Wise and Marcus Hanel (the bullpen catcher) were shagging balls in right field during batting practice. At the Brewers Winter Warm-up before the season, I saw Matt Wise and said (in the Borat voice) "High Five" and Matt Wise laughed and gave me a high five. We were yelling at Wise saying things like "great success" and "I like you, you like me?". After making a nice running catch, he turned to us and said "very nice" and tossed us the ball he just caught. On that day, Matt Wise officially became my hero.

We were hanging out in right field for batting practice, but our seats were in the left field bleachers. We walked along the first level towards our seats, and I saw a crowd gathered around near the Brewers dugout. I ran down there to see what was going on, and I saw Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano signing autographs. I asked to have my picture with him, and realized later that it was virtually the same picture that my friend Matt Overby got with Cappy in 2006 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. I swear it was done on accident.


Before I leave for every trip, I have now developed a habit and a superstition of saying goodbye to Coach Gordan Bombay. He gives me good luck as I go out on my travels and I say goodbye because I know that I will miss him while I am on the road. I usually take a picture of him because then I will be able to look at it and be happy whenever I start to get sad. It sure is great to be a pet owner. I've had Gordan for almost a year and a half now (I got him in February of 2006) and I am thankful every day since then that I have a pet.




By the 6th inning the game had gotten out of hand. Prior to the game, we were excited to be here because we knew it should be a good game. After all, Ben Sheets was taking the mound and he is without a doubt our best pitcher. Sheets had a real off day, giving up 8 runs in 5 innings and leaving the game with the Brewers trailing 8-2. Kanz and I decided to go upstairs and get a Thickburger at the Hardee's in the upper deck, which was one of the things we liked most about our trip to Busch Stadium last year. We took down some burgers, then went back downstairs.




































From the upper deck, I tried to find Melissa and Aaron in the bleacher seats. For a minute, it was just like the fabled "Where's Waldo" books form my youth. I struggled for a while, them I just looked for Aaron's blue shirt in the sea of red and white. We were definitly the minority in this croud at Busch Stadium, which has been perfectly created to match the team's colors and make visitors feel out of place.


















My first Brewers game on the road was against the Cubs at Wrigley Field in 2005. Since then, I have vowed to attend a few road games every summer. We started summer 2007 off with a bang, traveling to St. Louis on the 1st weekend of April for the 2nd road series of the year. I went with my good friend Joey Kanz, Aaron, and his girlfriend Melissa. Aaron has an Aunt and Uncle who live in the St. Louis area, so we went down on Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight at their house. In the morning, we ate at this chili restaurant that puts chili on everything. I had the sweetest breakfast of my entire life - spaghetti noodles with scrambled eggs, chili, onions and shredded cheddar cheese. It sounds weird, but it was damn good. We then went to the game, and had a couple of interesting things happen to us.