Brewers vs. Nationals in Washington D.C. - The Drive
















Pittsburgh really came out of nowhere. We turned a corner and boom there it was. We got into town at around 7am, and figured that it was a good time to get out of the car and stretch out for a little bit. The next hour would be a very nice way to get our adventure started.

Every time (and I do mean every single time) that I drive through Chicago I always flip off the freeway exit to Addison Ave. The pathetic Chicago Cubs and their decrepit ballpark sits at 1060 W. Addison. It is my duty as a Brewers fan to flip off all things Cubs at every chance.


For some reason Rez was also at my house that night. We decided to leave in the middle of the night to avoid the Chicago traffic. Both of these kids have 9-5 jobs, so I can't imagine why they would still be awake. But I'm glad that they were there to see us on our way.











Regardless of the lies that I spew, Kevin drove the entire way from Milwaukee to Washington D.C. I wish that I could have contributed, but Kevin used the power of his Joe Pesci Home Alone hat to achieve a better fate than he did in that movie. Kevin survived the obstacles of the road despite sharing a hat with 1/2 of the Wet Bandits.



Our first stop along the way out there was at a truck stop in Ohio. I have no idea what time it was and where we were, but I do know that somewhere near Sandusky we were listing to a rap radio station. Kevin and I, being masters at burning lyrics, went back and forth on a half hour rap battle that would make Eminem and Xzibit jealous.











The Midwest sucks. I know that I shouldn't be blasting it because I call it my home, but drive through Illinois, Ohio and Indiana and all you will see is flat land. Which is why I was glad to be in Pennsylvania. Every now and then you have to switch it up a little bit to stay sane.

Kevin's burglar hat gave him the power to stay awake, but I relied upon the more tried and true method of coffee. And McDonald's premium roast coffee at that. We stopped for breakfast somewhere in Pennsylvania, and soon we would be making a longer pit stop.














We were just a few miles outside of Pittsburgh and I was surprised to see these houses built up in the rolling hills. I didn't think that this was possible, but soon I would learn that a lot of things were possible out East. Turns out that I don't know a damn thing.












The Brewers usually release their schedule for the upcoming year in the final month of the previous year. So that means in September of 2009 I had already figured out which Brewers road trips that I was going to do in 2010. But the list of possible cities to visit did not include Washington D.C. Then about two weeks before April 16 Kevin texted me and asked if I wanted to go to D.C. Without thinking about the cost, time off of work and the logistics of making it happen, I said yes. And 2 weeks later we were leaving for Washington D.C. Jenny came over to wish us well on our travels, and we would sure need it. We had no idea what we were getting in to, so we could use all of the luck we could get our grubby hands on.