Starting on Good Friday and ending Easter morning, the "Buddy" Christ in my car had to be under a veil, but being that I couldn't find my towel, I had to put him underneath my glove. This was something I wanted to do since Ash Wednesday, just because I though it would be great. I talked about it all the time, and no one believed that I would actually do it. For you frequent Ill Stuff visitors, you might recognize this glove as the same one that was engulfed in flames that memorable night back in April when a certain family (who we will not mention at this time) got furnitured. No longer, "Buddy" Christ said, will the shroud of the glove cover me from wishing you a good day, and by burning it we will return the materials to the place in which all good things go. Seeing as Jesus never lies, the glove happily went up to glove heaven. How nice. Thankfully though, Easter morning, Jesus rose from the dead and now can be seen traveling along with me everywhere I go, pointing in my direction, with his upwards turned thumb and pointing finger to proudly remind me every morning...

















And I, with great joy in my heart, pleasantly correct him by saying

Scott, you're the man.












No Jesus, you're the man. Thanks for saving me and everything. You're my best friend in the whole wide world.

Not Such a Good Friday for "Buddy" Christ