A Day with Craig

Craig came into town for the final weekend of Summerfest, just to visit and hang out with his buddies. We posed for a few pictures at the 'Tosa house before going out to a grand lunch at Milwaukee's finest Sports Venue.













Craig mentioned that he had never been to Miller Park, and that he has always wanted to go, so we took him there. There was a game that night, but I had to work, so lunch at Front Row Friday's proved to be enough for us. We sat outside, and some Brewers hopefuls were taking batting practice, so we had to stay alert during the meal. A couple of hits came right near us, and Craig got a fly ball. He didn't actually catch it on the fly, but a guy catching fly balls in the outfield tossed one up to him, so Craig was pleased. After that we went out to the batting cage, because I promised Craig that we would do so while I was in California, but we never got the chance.

















It was in that moment when I realized what it was like to have the wool pulled over one's eyes. Craig said that he was no good at baseball, so I believed him. When we got to the batting cage, he obliterated the incoming softballs, and raised the bar for the competition. He set a standard that could not be broken, even by Mark McGuire or Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa even was heard as saying "Not even with cork in my bat can I match the power of C. Craig Pearman."