A Day at the Fair

First off, I feel like it necessary to state that no alcohol was consumed on this day, nor were any substances added to our bodies to alter our behavior. We were quite simply, high on life. The following is one of the greatest days of my life.

Everything that we saw and did was hilarious. I happened to be walking past the horticulture building, and this tree jumped in front of the picture, resulting in something that I could have never created on my own. But I must know exactly what exhibits are on display in the HORCULTURE building.

Since this was State Fair, all sorts of crazy stuff was going down. Representatives and mascots from nearly every local organization were present to showcase themselves. Jenny got a picture with Rolly, the Journal Sentinel rolled up newspaper. Ok, so I made that name up.

I was surprised and super psyched to see that my favorite band Ecuador Manta was playing at State Fair. Mike Bates and I stop by and see them every year at Summerfest, and usually watch them for a good half hour each time. On this particular day, they were playing an instrumental version of Kansas' Dust in the Wind. They have a very unique sound, most notably because of the cool windpipe instruments that they use. It sounds amazing and it's great to dance to. 

Which is exactly what Jenny decided to do. The music took hold of her and manipulated her body in rhythm. She's had a lot of experience dancing to jam bands, so she had no trouble being the only one dance. I then joined in, and Ecuador Manta appreciated some people getting into their show.

We bumped into the entire Mueller clan, although only Melissa and Amanda opted to pose for a picture. I don't know if we knew they'd be there, but I sure as heck was surprised to see all of them. We talked for a bit, then parted ways. We'd see each other again soon no doubt.

There was this awesome marching band playing in the street. They gave a business card with their name on it, but I have since lost it. As you can see, they are all dressed up in odd outfits with even weirder hats. They were all really good at playing their instruments, and they danced around and infused humor into their act. They might have been ridiculous had they not believed whole heartedly in what they were doing. Their attitude and effort was well above 100%.