Afterglow 2007 - Day 1 Saturday








I've grown quite attached to my cat, but not in a weird way or anything. Since I don't really work or have friends, I hang out with him a lot, so I know that I'll miss him when I go away for the week. I always take a picture with him before I leave just because that's what I do. This time was no different. Still think I'm weird? If so, then you think anyone who has ever owned a pet is weird, because I bet you they all do this too.









The Pick N Save in Eagle River had been remodeled since last year, and our alcohol haven The Liquor Spot was no more. It was ok though, because liquor is sold at the Pick N Save and they now have a walk in cooler, with an entire section devoted to cheap beer. It was at that very moment when I found my beer of choice for Afterglow 2007 - Hamm's Premium from the land of sky blue waters.


For the third straight year, I rode up to Afterglow with my Mom. James, Janelle, and Faith have a full car and Jenny and Timmy were up in Northern Minnesota for the 10,000 lakes music festival. I didn't mind, because it meant that I could drive and listen to some sweet music while she reads her book. And when she's not reading, we get to have meaningful conversations about life.












We always stop at the Culver's in Wausau for some lunch, but we never know which one we always stop at. See, in Wausau, there are two Culver's - one on the North side of town and one on the South. For tradition's sake, we like to always stop at the same one, but we can never rember which one it is. Nothing quite says road trip like Butter Burgers and some fine custard special of the day.
















I had been neglecting my Mom's lawn for some time now because of a combination of laziness and dollars. I didn't feel like spending money on gas to drive up there to mow it, which is horrible because my Mom has made so many sacrifices for me since day 1. I kinda feel like an ass for making Eddie mow the lawn, but that's the way that it goes and there's nothing that I can do about it anymore.