Afterglow 2007 - Day 1 Saturday





The weather today was a bit mild and Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun was struggling to poke his head out from behind those trees and shine on down on me. We tried to stay outside and on top of the raft for an extended period of time, but it just wasn't happening, so we went inside to the small pool and warmed up.

As soon as our moms let us relinquish setting up the cabins and putting away groceries, we made a beeline for the beach, the big pool, and our favorite hangout spot - the top of the raft. Kevin, Brian, and Tommy were the first ones there while I lingered on the beach and started taking pictures.












Gary (Kevin's older brother) had come back to Afterglow after a year hiatus (he last graced these shores in 2005) and wasted no time reacclimating himself to the all too familiar and memorable surroundings. Gary had been missed during his sabbatical, and the Afterglow family welcomed him back with open arms.



Faith was all decked out in her swimming gear for an afternoon big pool shallow end romp. although the level of the water from the beach to the ropes never goes above her head, her mom still felt better if she swam with a life jacket on and a person in the near vicinity. I'm not one to second guess any parents decision about the well being of their child, so I won't say anything further about this one. And for the record, in case Janelle is reading this, I think that you and James are doing a stellar job of raising Faith.