June's Blanket at Tim's Graduation Party

Tim opened up the Graduation Party 2004 concert series with a solo set. He played 3 or 4 songs, and made the crowd so livid that they flat out demanded an encore. He played a few from his new CD (not yet released) and a few old classics (like Afterglow.) The entire crowd sat and marveled at what a wonderful singer/songwriter Tim has become. If you weren't there or at his last show, you really have to listen to this kid play. He is absolutely amazing.

This picture will soon adorn the walls of any true Blankethead (which is what we are calling our fans from now on.) At least for now, June, Tim and I will each posses a copy. 

Uncle Dan gets in on the action, but then I am sort of left out. The only reason that you now know that I was there is because I just told you. 

I owe the rest of these pictures and videos to Sarah. As you could probably tell, I'm a little busy performing to take pictures of my band, so you wouldn't be seeing these if not for Sarah; so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Fernando cut in between us right before the performance, which meant that he should have stayed on stage and sang with us as a penalty, but we gracefully let him sit down and enjoy the show.

I think I'm telling all of the Blanketheads to calm down, the show hasn't even started yet. Relax my little blankies, there'll be plenty of time for hooting and hollerin' later in the show.