Brewers Games in Kansas City




Every year when the Milwaukee Brewers release their schedule, I analyze it for two reasons - so that I know when I will be working for the home games, and which away games I can drive to to watch the Brewers play in a rival city.  In 2005, I went with a few friends down to Wrigley Field to see the Brew Crew take on the Chicago Cubbies. In April of 2006, I went down there again for the Saturday game (which the Brewers won 16-2) and the Sunday game (which they won 9-0) with some friends (Saturday) and family (Sunday). I had decided before the season began that a trip down to Kansas City June 23-25 for some interleague action was very doable, I just needed to find some people that were willing to do it with me. The people that I found were my good friends from the CHBPL Beer Pong League: Casey, Lorge, Amy and Balkman.

The land that the field is built on is actually owned by two different farms. The house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and right field are owned by one farm, and left and center field are owned by another. Each farm has set up their own souvenir stand and websites to profit from their contribution to the movie. I guess that I can understand where they are coming from, but if they worked together then they could make it easier for everyone involved. But this is America, and no business is without competition. Since I appreciate the Field of Dreams in its entirety, I will allow both sides to have equal opportunity of publicity by displaying both of their websites here for you to check out. The right field's site can be accessed by clicking here, while the left field's site can be accessed by clicking right here. Enjoy, but make sure you give each a fair share.

People are allowed to wander around, play catch, run the bases, take some batting practice, or basically do whatever they want on the grounds. Casey and Amy decided to throw the ball around in right field while Lorge, Balkman and I sat and watched from the bench.




I was sitting on the bleachers and taking in the surroundings when I noticed something bizarre happening. The man cutting the grass on the field was only cutting the right field area, making sure to keep precise cutting lines. It wasn't until I heard about the dispute of ownership over the land that I began to understand why. 



The goal was to leave around 5:30 am on Friday morning. The game started at 7:00 that night, but we had 8 + hours of driving. We also planned on stopping in Dyersville, Iowa to see the infamous Field of Dreams (yes, from the Kevin Costner movie of the same name.)

On the way to Dyersville, we watched Field of Dreams in Casey's minivan to get in the mood. It had been a few months since I had seen the movie, but I still remember all of the parts that made it memorable. I was however, eager to see the place in real life.

When we pulled into the farm, it was exactly as it was portrayed in the movie. This is the house where Kevin Costner + his family lived. Everything from the movie has been preserved as is so that fans can come from around the globe to experience the Field of Dreams.

The field is preserved exactly like it has been since 1988 when they shot the movie here. Admission to the grounds are free, but donations are accepted to keep the place looking nice. I didn't give them any money, nor did I buy any souvenirs to keep this place open.