It was my request to go and see the world's largest six-pack of beer. I remember hearing about these back in the day when it used to be the Heileman Brewery. Now it is the City Brewery. As you can tell, these cans are super huge. Look how Jenny, Mom and I are dwarfed by their tallness. And the best part is - THEY ACTUALLY CONTAIN BEER IN THEM!!! It was definitely a sight to be seen, because I'm a fan of beer.

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In the morning, we took Susie back to nearby Winnona in Minnesota (where she was attending college) and then made our way back to familiar territory and the welcoming state of Wisconsin. Near the Wisconsin/Minnesota boarder (the mighty Mississippi River) there was this awesome road sign. I had to stop and get a picture of it. Hokah looks strangely like Hookah, which the Caterpillar smokes out of in Alice and Wonderland. Now I can honestly tell you that I've never done drugs, but I have this weird fascination with hookahs. Watching that Alice movie as a child really messed me up inside man. The craziness in that flick will haunt me forever.





We (my Mom and I) went up to La Crosse to visit Jenny and see her in her play "The Music Man." I had seen her perform this play in her junior year at Wauwatosa East, and didn't really want to see it again (the only musical I really care for is Jesus Christ Superstar) but decided that it would be important to support Jenny so she would have someone in the audience cheering for her. Our cousin Susie came along, and we sat in the absolutely last row of this tiny theater. The play was ok, but I had waaay much more fun the next day, when we were allowed to run rampant in La Crosse.







As you can read on the sign that Jenny and I are standing next to, these in fact contain real beer. I really don't feel like becoming an alcoholic or anything, but I'd like to someday take a stab at consuming every ounce of beer in these containers. Maybe if I grew to be the next Paul Bunyan then it wouldn't be that bad. A guy with the stature of Paul could easily toss back a sixer of La Crosse's finest Lager. Heck, I might even toss old Babe the blue ox one of 'em.







Ever since I first came back to La Crosse (now that Jenny was here at school) I searched high and low for these magical wonders of beerness. Being a big fan of beer, I couldn't help but marvel at their grandness. I stood beside them and felt a sense of awe. Mmmm beer. And La Crosse Beer no less. I'll tell you one thing - City Brewery makes some pretty fine brew. I've had myself one a' many of their tasty beer.