La Crosse Visit with Family



When Tim and I get together, weird things are bound to happen, and people usually get hurt. On this day, we were especially weird, and the people close to us were the ones that bore the consequences.

My Mom has this thing where she does really nice things for us and buys us cool stuff. She knows what we want and she knows how to cheer us up. It's kind of a gift.

In case you did not know, my beloved sister Jenny attended the University of Wisconsin La Crosse during the Fall Semester of 2004. While she did have some friends there, she lacked the closeness she shares with her good friends and her family. That is where we come in. We are Scott, Tim, and of course, Mom (Kris.) We went to visit for the day (a rather long day, considering the 3 hour drive) and brought some goodies and memories to share


For some reason, there was this ironing board at the end of the hall right outside of Jenny's room. I'm not sure what it was for; ironing clothes was my guess, but Tim had different ideas. He used it for meditation and handstands.














Jenny lived in a place called the dorms. It is a building where students live. I thought that her dorm was named Crowbar or Trollbridge (like in the Billy Goats Gruff) but it is actually named Trowbridge. Crowbar sounds cooler if you ask me. Her roommate Katherine was home for the weekend, so we goofed around in the room and ate her food and broke some of her stuff. Actually we didn't, but I thought about it.















We were then off to eat lunch and go shopping at Wal-Mart. We had a pretty nice little Saturday planned, so we had to get moving if we could get to Bed Bath and Beyond, but we weren't sure if we had enough time.