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There's something that always needs to be said about a sharp dressed man. I was dressed up to receive my 2003 pookon.com Man of the Year Award. I had a speech prepared and everything, but then I remembered why I was dressed up. The occasion for me to don this gay apparel was the wedding of my dear friend Lee Driekosen to his lovely fiancée Stacy. For those of you who do not know, Lee was my roommate during the second year of my tenure at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Some of my best times (and best stories) were generated in the presence of that good man, so it was my honor to get all dressed up and pay tribute to the starting of a new life with the person he loves. Every now and then, it is necessary to put on a suit and show the millions of people who access this site via the internet that even though I'm just an independent web designer, I still know how to party.

It was a calm and clear Saturday on in the month of October, and I found myself wasting time in the hallways of the hotel, waiting for the rest of my carpool party (Aaron and Ashley) to finish their pre-wedding reception preparations. It took just a little while for us all to muster up the energy to voyage down to the reception hall, so I of course found the time to venture down the hallway and turn myself into an optical illusion. You know those pictures that mess around with your mind by changing the perspective, making objects look smaller just because of their relation to the surrounding environment? You'd remember it from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, when they went into that room that kept getting smaller, and Wonka opened the door to the chocolate room by playing a jingle on the keypad. It looked like Wonka was getting bigger, but the room was actually getting smaller. Crazy man.

When I get married, I'm gonna have my reception at a place like this. How could you not love a place that has a full size tank outside? Tanks are soo cool, and if it wasn't for that getting shot and dying part, I would totally join the army and drive tanks around the desert and shoot people. By this time, you know very well about my fascination with heavy machinery (just click the link to see one of my all time favorite pictures), so Aaron and I just had to have our picture taken in from of this modern marvel of mankind's desire to create.  A picture in front of the tank wasn't enough for Aaron, he just had to climb on top of it and ride it on into the sunset. I can't really blame him though, because I think this picture is just absolutely hilarious.