Ohio - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame









I'm going to start out by stating the obvious - I've got too much food on my plate and my eyes are bigger than my mouth. That of course was a cryptic statement telling you that I've fallen behind in my website posting. This section is of our trip to Ohio for my childhood friend Danny's wedding, which took place in August of 2005. So much has happened since then, but I'll do my best to aptly describe how much fun this trip was.


After the 7 hour drive, we first stopped at the hotel to check in. This joint was first class all the way. The hotel had a grand entrance complete with a fountain that Tim just had to stand in. After he waded in this beautiful addition to the hotel's exterior, we went out back to the garden. It was a shaded oasis, with tables and chairs, an ornate floral arrangement, tranquil pond and waterfall (which I'll show you pictures of later) and a bunch of nude statues. We thought that these chicks were very welcoming to visitors, plus they were not shy about their outward appearance.

One of the first things that I noticed when we rolled into Cleveland was Jacobs Field, which is the home stadium of the American League Central Cleveland Indians. Ever since the Brewers moved into the National League in 1997, I have lost sight of their former Central Division opponents, and aside from a meeting in Interleague play in 2006, I know nothing about their current players or status.



Remember the Drew Carey show? It took place in Cleveland, Ohio (Carey's birthplace) but was filmed in California. Some of the exterior shots were from some buildings in Cleveland, including this one that was the location of Winfred-Louder, where Drew worked. Tim, a big fan of the show and Drew Carey, instantly recognized it and shouted it out.

Tim and I have idolized Bill and Ted (of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey) even since we both first watched the movie. We just hope that like Wyld Stallyons, June's Blanket's music could change the world and forever alter life as we know it. Until then, we will continue to imitate their famous pose.

Someday my Mom and I are going to tally all of the pictures we have taken in our lifetimes and compare the figures. Even though my Mom is twice my age, I'd be willing to bet that I have almost as many pictures as she does. Only time and battery life will tell on that one though. Until then, I'll be snapping pictures like mad.

I was really wondering about the general architecture of this place, feeling like I had seen something like it before. This glass pyramid structure was utilized in the new (1989) entrance to the Louvre museum in Paris, which like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, was designed by I.M. Pei. Both contain majesty within their walls.