The Greased Pig Gala 2003 (page 1)







A grand get-together of massive proportions was planned for the night of December 17, 2003. The reason? No reason really, (some would say end of semester, Christmas, several graduations) but I think it was just an excuse to get everyone to hang out and party. There was a catch, everyone in attendance needed to dress up, which was awesome, because I look kick-ass in a suit. There would be food, glorious food, complete with a roasted pig (roasted right outside in the garage - the smell was overwhelming, but in a good way. If they could bottle that and sell it, they could make millions.) Alcohol flowed like wine, and not a single person left with any sense of disappointment.

You should've been driving South on Oakland Ave. that night, for it may have been one of the only times you ever saw a guy in a suit waiting for the bus at 7:00 at night. Luckily my friend Chris (who works at City Subs) was driving by, and offered me a ride, seeing as how we were both going the same way.

There are two ways to handle situations, (well there are more, but on my website, only my opinions matter) you can be civil and act like an adult, or you can throw the rule book out the window and prance around and yell like a little kid. Woo hoo! Take that America! I once again am the luckiest man alive. Who would've ever thought that the ladies would flock towards me? Thank you Jen (left) and Tiffany (right) for giving me the opportunity to tower over the critics. Who's laughing now?

Russ and TJ. First they were co-workers, now they are best friends. TJ was the person to be seen with that night, as he was in charge of the door. No one could get in without checking with TJ first. He was rather professional (and a good looking fella, I might add.) Aaron (who tried to put bunny ears on Russ in the picture at left) gets his chance to have a shared moment with TJ, and all was well.

Aaron jumped at the opportunity to be in any photograph (he still holds a grudge towards me because even though he lives with me, he is not featured in the majority of my pictures.) Tiffany obviously didn't mind. Val and Tiffany make a cute couple, let's all just awwww in unison, like the fake audience at the end of every Full House episode. But I do mean that in a good way, and I wish them the best.

I'm gangsta, and y'all just wannabeees. You can't stop me and Val from killing everyone based on looks alone. We stood there for a minute, and the crowd hushed, in preparation to get up out just in case something went down in this piece.

April begged for a picture with me, and I couldn't resist. It should have been the other way around. She longed for a chance to be on my website, and for worldwide exposure on the internet, and I was happy to oblige. Keeping the people happy is what keeps me in business.