Afterglow - Rage for Timmy II: The Secret of the Ooze



By now you all probably know where Craig's Kourt is. So much for keeping it a secret. If I really wanted to do that then I wouldn't have put pictures up here and talk about it over and over again. But I continue to do it because I don't fear the repercussions of my actions.

This rather large stick was meant to keep us out of somewhere or to keep something else from getting somewhere. I don't understand the Northwoods. That is why I summoned my inner beast and did away with the stick, essentially letting out a lot of demons. Lord help us.

He we go again. The flipping of the geese. This is always the first thing I do once we get into cabin #2 and I will keep on doing it every time that we come up here be it in July, October, April or any other month of the year. Some traditions will never die. Not on my watch.

We had a fire up on Craig's Kourt because we needed a place to hang out that we could goof off, drink and record the first episode of Burnin' Down the Podcast which can be found over at The Daily Burner website. We talked about 7 New Years, our experiences over the years at Afterglow and the history of many things. You need to listen to that podcast if you really want to get an insight into our lives. Do it right now.

Last time up here we were with my Mom. This time we would be hanging out with my Dad. My Dad doesn't go anywhere without his dogs so when we got there on Friday night Trixie (who we call Scrappy) ambushed us in the car. It was the beginning of the rage.

I know you frequent this site. I know you know about my adventures by now. And before leaving on every one I say goodbye to my best friend Coach Gordon Bombay. It was April 27 and we were heading back up to Afterglow to Rage for Timmy II: The Secret of the Ooze.


Kevin was trying to do something crazy like a shadow puppet show. I couldn't really jive with it because I was really drunk. Even though it was only April it still was Afterglow, and that's what we do up here. We raged hard enough for Timmy and the rest of the family.

Leaving the KK Kevin gave me one of those "what" looks like he didn't know that he was doing anything that Red Book doesn't allow. He probably thought that those rules only apply in the summer but I have some knowledge to drop on you friend - they apply year round.













When we came here in October we drove up Saturday morning which only gave us one night to rage. This time we had two so we started off right by raging up on KK. Even though it was just the two of us, Kevin and I have enough rage to rage for everyone and Timmy.