Afterglow RFT V: Return to the Hive - Day 1




The last time that I was up at Afterglow for a non-sanctioned Afterglow event was in June 2014 for Rage for Timmy IV: Fletch is Working Overtime. My Dad had planned on going up there from Friday May 1 through Sunday May 3, and he had invited me to join him up there. Last time I went I was flying solo, but this time I had cousin Kevin along for the ride. I had planned on working all day on Friday and then we would make the 5 hour drive (getting us there around 11pm). I went outside around 9am like I usually do, but today something was different. The trunk of my car was open and it soon became evident that someone broke into my car. After some evaluation, I could tell that someone tried to steal my car. They had broken in and attempted to start the car by pulling out the ignition switch. Thankfully my model of Chrysler uses key-encrypted keys and cannot be started without them, so the person rummaged through my car and didn't steal anything. But my car did not start and I couldn't go to work. I poured myself a whiskey & whatever, called a tow truck and told Kevin that I could leave soon instead of 6pm (he was once again without a job). While this would end up being costly and a major inconveinence, I couldn't care less at the time. I dealt with it, said goodbye to Korben Dalls and headed off to the only place in the World where troubles don't matter - Afterglow. We would have gone straight there, but a potty stop at a gas station went awry when we saw that they have a coin shelf game. Screw booze or poor health; this game will be the death of me.

During the summer, Afterglow Lake Resort is hopping with people as far as the eye can see. In the offseason, not so much. There was even a sign that says that it was closed. As we drove up, I prayed to the Gods that this wasn't' the case. As we approached the very familiar drive and came upon Cabin #2, all of the memories from Afterglow and the 4 previous Afterglow: Rage for Timmy trips came to the forefront of my mind. It was good to be back. But even better, it was good to be home. This is where I belong. And I love that.

























Although my Dad and Kathy would soon be joining us tomorrow, it was still important for us to stop at Bonson's Pick N' Save (even though it hasn't been Bonson's for like 5 years, I refuse to change my ways) for the essentials. And it should go without saying that the essentials are booze and snacks. Who needs a well balanced diet when you have those items? Certainly not us!










The drive from Eagle River to Phelps is a real special one. I've traveled that path for all of my life, but I still get goosebumps every time. There's just something so magical and unique about this journey that transcends words and explanation. It just feels right. And it always offers a brand new perspective because I am a different person each time that I come up here. I shouldn't have to Rage for Timmy. I should only be raging for myself. But life never goes exactly like you planned. We don't make the rules. So why bother following them?