Summerfest with Chris and Mike








Tuesday, June 29th. I went to Summerfest with my friends Mike and Chris because they wanted too. There wasn't any band in particular that we wanted to see, so we decided to get drunk and just hang out. That works.

We decided to get something to eat before we went to Summerfest, because the prices down there are ridiculous. We had our pick of the litter, so we decided on Oakland Gyros. It was one of the first times that I've ever been there without being drunk. let alone in the daylight, and let me tell you, it tasted spectacular. This wasn't the first time that I captured a picture of Chris Wehnes eating a gyro (take a look at this picture) and it was duly noted at the time of capture. I then proceeded to eat an entire bottle of cucumber sauce then got sick. You gotta love Gyros man. Really hits the spot.

I took these two pictures just to prove to my roommate TJ that I don't hate the bar Axel's (which is UW-Milwaukee's premiere and only hangout for bar-going patrons) and in fact I will go there when it is not filled with smoke and drunk craziness. I don't like bars in general when they are packed wall to wall with drunk people, and you can't even walk through them, let alone hold a conversation with someone. I prefer to go to local bars (like the ones in 'Tosa) so I can actually here what someone is saying to me. But Axel's on a Tuesday afternoon wasn't bad, and we joined the other 4 people in the bar in watching ESPN's countdown of the top 25 sports movies of all time. Who would've ever thought that A League of Their Own would be number 11? After all, there is no crying in baseball. We had a few then we were on our way to the Big Gig.

We went to the liquor store and bought some small bottles of Captain Morgan. We illegally smuggled them in to the festival grounds (it was against Summefest policy to bring in cans or bottles of any kind) and bought a large coke to mix them with. That certainly made the night more enjoyable. It certainly was a lot cheaper than buying beer for $5.00 a bottle. Screw that, I'd rather drink illegally than pay for their hefty prices. We went and checked out reggae artist Aswah Greggori, and I'd have to say that it was quite entertaining. Reggae music is so much better live, and especially after you've had a couple of drinks. We certainly enjoyed his rousing performance. Click the next button to check out a video clip.