San Francisco & Michelle's Wedding - Day 1
Jenny and I sat around watching Conan (but you loved us Conan! You laughed!!) and sipped our cocktails. Traveling sure takes a lot out of you. As does changing time zones. But I'm not going to blame that on the nonsense that reared its' goofy head that night. We act like this even when we are at home with no time change and no travel. You can't take the goofy out of us. Even if you check the map.

This hotel is where drug deals go down and people get raped or murdered. Jenny and I walked around the neighborhood  looking for a bar or a liquor store and found none. You would think those (and pawn shops) would be the only businesses in this area.

It's always hard to leave Korben Dallas behind. Even though I flip him off and call him a jerk, he's my best little pal. But since all cats are jerks, I'm at least right on that one. He couldn't wait for me to leave, but I know that little bastard will miss me when I'm gone.











Jenny Reck had to work today or else we would have taken an earlier flight. But that's the way it goes. At least they had a ping pong table at the airport. I lost to a random 21-18 but beat Jenny 22-20. I'm always game for some pre-flight ping pong.




















We flew Southwest on the way out there because I was able to find a nonstop flight at the right time and the right price that we needed. Jenny and I took advantage of a loophole in the system by bringing our own airplane sized booze bottles. Since you are allowed to bring liquids in your carry-on as long as they are less than 3 ounces, this is perfectly legal. So feel free to use this idea to save a couple of bucks and get drunk on the plane the next time that you travel. You're welcome. Needless to say, Jenny and I had a good time on the flight. As for the people around us? Their experience was probably a little different as they had to deal with The Hot Mess and The Spectacle.
Thankfully it wasn't a very full flight and we had enough room to be ourselves. I'm glad I had the booze though because this was one of the worst flights (turbulence wise) that I've ever been on. It had me thinking my journey was over before it even began.
When we got to the airport we had to take a shuttle to our hotel. Dad had booked us in a Travelodge near the airport and Aunt Linda and cousin Tyler were already there. We were the only ones on the bus as we arrived in the wee hours of the night.








The San Francisco International Airport is pretty crazy, even at this time of the night. We had to drive around the terminal a few times before getting out and heading to our hotel. This was pure insanity and I'm glad I wasn't driving. Plus I was a little drunk.











On July 11 of 2015, my oldest cousin Michelle got married. She lived in San Francisco and had the wedding up in the Napa Valley wine country area. When we got the invitation, we decided to make an extended weekend out of it because there is so much to see and do in the San Francisco area. I took off of work on Thursday July 9 because I could. So I hung out at home all day long not wearing a shirt, drinking whiskey and hanging out with Korben Dallas. If that isn't the best way to start an extended weekend, then I don't know what is.




















We met up with our cousin Tyler for a few minutes, but seeing that it was around midnight Pacific time (2 am our time) we didn't hang out that long. Jenny went back to the room and I wandered around the hotel complex. I noticed that the Travelodge sign looked a lot like the Jurassic Park gates, which made me wondered what they had in here. Was it King Kong? Even though we were unable to find a bar or a liquor store, we still had a couple of airplane booze bottles left. My Iceman senses were tingling and I found an ice machine. Nearby was a vending machine as well, so we were able to have a drink to help relax us in this shady hotel where shit goes down.
I could tell that this was a shady hotel because it was right off of the freeway, it hadn't been renovated since it was built (probably in the 70's), room 666 was drawn on by some demonic individual and the rooms had box TVs. But Jenny and I weren't ones to complain. All we really needed was a place to sleep for the night and Dad was paying for it. You don't complain about free shit. I've learned that much.