Summerfest with Timmy + The Gang











Wednesday June 30 of 2004 will live in my heart forever as the greatest Wednesday June 30th of 2004. It was the day that we went down at noon to get front row seats for the Styx concert at 10:00 pm at Summerfest. Now that you know the beginning and the end of this story, allow me to bring you through the middle. It all started at 12:00 noon... 

I took the bus from my apartment to meet Tim and Sarah at the North Shore Bank Landing at Summerfest so we could sit in the front row in anticipation for Styx. On my way into the park, I walked past that goofy Art Museum thing, and took a picture of it just like a tourist would. When I got there, Tim and Sarah already had the spots staked out, so I joined them for an amazing day of festivities that would conclude with the grandest of events, your favorite -Styx. 

But before we could see Styx, we had to sit through 4 other mediocre bands. Easier said than done. We thought we were in for the long haul when the first band came on stage. The name of the band was Bobby Riveria and the Riverias. Playing songs from the 1950's reminiscent of the Ventures (think Wipeout) for an entire hour. It seemed like forever. They weren't that bad really, it's just that every song sounded the same and it was kinda boring. We played Egyptian Ratscrew during most of their performance, then Timmy decided to show off his Damn Yankees T-shirt, triangle-ing Tommy Shaw on the t-shirt. That kid sure has a weird man-crush on Tommy.  

Jessica showed up around 1:30, and I had someone to hang out with an walk around and check out the other activities going on not on the North Shore Bank stage. We didn't get far until we heard someone rocking out on an accordion. We decided to check it out, and listened for a few minutes, when out of nowhere, the bass player picked up a sousaphone and stared playing a heavy bass line. Any band that rocks out with a sousaphone and an accordion definitely deserves a listening to. We sat there for a good ten minutes, hootin' and hollerin', then decided to get back to our kids.