Brewers vs. Cardinals in St. Louis with Foley





















One of the benefits of being the Iceman at UWM for so many years is that I developed an ice sense, much like Spiderman has spidey sense. Something shivers down my spine and I get all tingly, then I go and get some ice for my alcoholic beverage.










Dan and I felt like swimming for a bit and then relaxing in the hot tub. We had a little bit of time to kill, and after the car ride it was great to kick back and enjoy the water. I did a cannonball in the pool which freaked out the little kids, but in the end they loved it.




























The drive from Milwaukee to St. Louis is a pretty easy one, and it takes a little over 6 hours. My man Dave Foley and his friend Dan came along with me for the trip. Everything was going smoothly but then we ran into some construction. The road went down to one lane, and this asshole decided to regulate traffic. What a dick.

I've been to St. Louis to see the Brewers play the Cardinals two times now, and I didn't plan on going for a 3rd time. But it's funny how things work out. My buddy Dave Foley ended up having an extra ticket or the final series of the 2009 season, and before I knew it, I was roadtripping it down there for some baseball games.

I prefer rum over beer, but Mad Man Dave Foley enjoys a nice fine brew. And in this picture he's drinking one of New Glarus' finest - a Spotted Cow. Foley was drinking in the pool area even though I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to drink in there. What a badass.


We decided to take a cab to the game even though we were like five miles away. We did this because parking was probably pretty expensive (the stadium is right downtown) and we were planning on drinking. So in retrospect everything worked out alright.


Foley works at the Hilton in downtown Milwaukee, so he was able to hook us up for a sweet deal on a hotel. The only downside is that the only hotel he could get at a massively discounted rate for the weekend was a Hampton Inn that was about 5 miles away from downtown. Other than its distance from the ballpark and all the action in this town, it was a really nice hotel. But it sure was nice to stay for a inexpensive rate.




Foley was trying to take a picture of the lobby for some reason, and I snuck my head in and ruined his picture. At least that was his opinion. I believe that I took a mundane picture and made it magical by adding human interest. And my beautiful smiling face.



There was this artwork on the back of the elevator, and apparently is was supposed to be cleverly hilarious. You know, using bye, son! and showing a picture of a bison. And you know what? It was, and Foley and I kept on saying it all weekend with laughter following.