Trip 2005 - Vegas Round 1






















The day - Tuesday May 17, 2005. The place - Milwaukee. The destination - California. The mission - attend the wedding of my Dad's friend Craig and have a hell of a good time on the West coast. Every journey has to start somewhere, and mine started at the Milwaukee airport. If I'd known what I was getting myself into, I would have better prepared myself for one of the more interesting experiences of my lifetime. 













I didn't really have a goal for this trip, but I knew that getting wasted and partying was not it. It certainly seemed like I was heading toward that path when I started drinking on the plane. I had reasoning for my actions though, as I conducted an experiment in the name of science. I recall hearing once that you can get drunk faster on an airplanes because of the higher altitude, air pressure and simulated atmosphere. I conducted two experiments, one with a mixed drink and one with a can of beer. I isolated several variables that could have negatively or positively affected the outcome of my research, but in the end found no change. I was left with a small buzz which got me ready for the greatest thing that Midwest Airlines has to offer (besides their incredible service and affordable prices) - YUMMY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!













The cookies came at the right time - after two drinks and about halfway through the flight. If I hadn't have gotten those cookies, I think that I might have gone crazy Shatner style and yelled out "there's something on the wing... some... thing!" It might have been the booze talking, but something spoke loud and clear that it wanted some cookies now. Thankfully, the lovely staff of Midwest Airlines were able to fulfill my need and we avoided any incident.






After a near 4 hour flight, I landed in Las Vegas and instantly headed towards the slot machines. During my lifelong travels, I have heard stories of legalized gambling in every municipality within the state of Nevada, including Casinos, gas stations, and yes, even the airport. I was shooting for the entire Vegas experience, so I figured I would try my luck at every single opportunity that presented itself. Unfortunately, the $3 that I spent at the airport would begin a loosing streak that would span several days and include countless amounts of hard earned money.