TJ + Megan's Wedding in Las Vegas - Day 1




Aaron and Melissa were also staying at the Platinum Hotel but we met here because that doesn't have a Casino. The Ellis Island has a World renowned Karaoke Bar and Aaron and I sang The Scorpions' "Winds of Change". It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

My good friend TJ got married in Las Vegas on March 25, 2013. I've known TJ for over 10 years and we lived together in college so it was no surprise to me when he invited me to his wedding. What did surprise me that he asked me to stand up in it. I was more than happy to be a part of his big day and to see him "officially" begin his life with Megan. The wedding was on a Monday but we were going to spend the whole weekend in Las Vegas tearing it up and kicking it old school. This was only the 2nd time I would leave my cat Korben Dallas in the care of someone else so he looked strangely at me as I packed my suitcase the night before I left.












I tried to give him a great big hug and say goodbye because I wouldn't see him for a few days. Obviously he didn't care that he wouldn't see me because he was pushing me away. That's why cats are jerks. I worked a half day then headed over to the airport to catch a 530 flight. I got there early and made it through security super fast, so I had more than enough time to enjoy an airport beer. You gotta love Milwaukee.















Almost immediately after I warned the future Boddens the Spierings arrived at the gate. Aaron and Melissa were on the same flight as TJ and Megan and I was right next door. So they would at least get a few hours of sanity before we got there.


Soon enough I was joined at the airport by TJ and the beautiful bride to be Megan. I greeted them with an obnoxious smile, letting them know right away what they were getting into by inviting me to join them for their wedding. Those fools.












I was flying Delta with a connection in Detroit. My flight was delayed and overbooked so I would have missed my connection to Las Vegas. When they offered people a voucher to give up their seat I took it and they got me on a flight to Cincinnati instead. I arrived in Vegas only about a half hour later than originally scheduled plus I had a $600 voucher for future travel with Delta. I hadn't even set foot in Vegas and I was already ahead. No matter what happened I would leave this town a winner. Well, unless they let me put a flight voucher on black that is. I broke my digital camera in November when I was in South Carolina and hadn't bought a new one yet, so I took all of these pictures with my phone. A lot of them will look the same and I just now realized that my left eye tends to wander when I'm staring at something. It's really distracting but that is not the weirdest thing about me. It's not even close. I even weird myself out.












I took a shuttle to Bally's and walked to the Super 8 (where I was staying). Along the way I picked up a bottle of rum and some snacks. As you can see it's just a couple of blocks off of the Strip. And for half the price too! More money for gambling! And booze!

By the time I got off the plane and to a shuttle it was 11pm Vegas time. The shuttle ride took forever because of traffic. It was Friday night but traffic is always a bitch in Vegas. On the way I saw the World's Most Obvious Sign. Like I didn't know that.












I checked into the hotel and immediately got some ice so that I could mix a drink. I started drinking at the airport, had a few on the plane and now I was ready to start going balls to the walls until the wheels fall off. The hotel room itself was pretty standard and had everything I needed to pass out at the end of a long day. I would be sharing this room with the Godfather himself, a man you know as Brodey, but he wouldn't be arriving until sometime tomorrow evening. After mixing a drink I went to meet up with my friends who did not have any travel delays (and did not get $600 vouchers) and get this trip started out right. I did not know what to expect...














The wedding was taking place at The Platinum Hotel next door and TJ and Megan were staying there. Megan stayed in for the night but TJ was at The Ellis Island Casino and he was all mine for at least one more night before getting married to a girl.