TJ + Megan's Wedding in Las Vegas - Day 5



I paid $10 for a Burger King breakfast at the airport and it was one of the best decisions I made out here. This time I really did go to Detroit and didn't have any delays. Plus I got a window seat and was able to stare out at nothing for a few hours. #victory.

When I got home, Korben Dallas gave me that "where the hell have you been?" look followed by the "where's my dinner?" look. Thanks pal. Good to see you too. Even though he once again proved that all cats are jerks, he's still my little sweetheart. I missed my new BFF and it felt real nice to be back home.

My most used hashtag on Twitter this weekend was #victory, so I was ecstatic when I bought these candy cigarettes the other day. I got to the airport super early this morning, so I had plenty of time to "smoke" the rest of the pack while waiting for my flight.















I was on the biggest plane I've ever been on. It was definitely bigger than my head (which is a measuring system that Jenny Reck and I use). It had these sweet screens on the seat backs which gave all sorts of information. It succeeded in showing me where we were over the U.S. when the window failed. So that's why technology is taking over. Another option showed all sorts of cool stats including altitude, distance and outside temperature. I questioned why Superman never froze his balls off when flying up here. After all, it's -73 degrees and all he is wearing is spandex. Must have something to do with that whole "being an alien" thing. Maybe he doesn't even have balls.













I made it to Detroit and had just enough time to spend some more of my head earned money on airport beer. I lost track of my finances but I think I either came home up a few bucks or even. Not bad. That's really all you can ask for from Las Vegas.

These must be the planes they use to fly across oceans (with 7 seats in each row). I wouldn't know. I've never flown outside of the country. That's something rich people do. But I do know that I felt right at home in this beast. I like things that are big like me.














Jenny Reck surprised me by picking me up at the airport. I totally wasn't expecting that even though I'm sure she told me. My body was broken but my spirit could not be beaten down. She gave me a pick-me-up. Jenny Reck always does that.

I arrived in Milwaukee a beat down and broken man, but it felt great to be back home. Las Vegas damn near killed me but I keep going back for more. This was a long couple of days and I was more than ready to return to normalcy but not to work.















I took great pride in this purple suitcase that I borrowed from my Mother. Every time I had a chance to claim it I yelled out, "Oh that is definitely mine." I was never ashamed to admit it. Who cares what color it is? It was a vessel for transporting my things across distances. It served its' purpose. With flying colors.





The last time that I was in Las Vegas for something other than beer pong it was 2005 when we went out West for our friend Craig's Wedding. Since then (2006 - 2012 for the World Series of Beer Pong Years 1-7 and the Last Cup Premiere at the CineVegas Film Festival in 2008) I was so busy out here that I didn't have too much time to relax and soak up the sin. I finally found out what people do out here when they aren't competing in a tournament for 10s of thousands of dollars. And it's pretty much the same - drink lots of booze and gambling with not only your wallet but your life as well. I claim to hate Las Vegas but I can't stay away from this hellhole. I doubt this will be the last time I set foot in this place. I will be back. I'm an addict. This place always calls me for. I will answer again.