Afterglow 2009 - Day 1 Saturday








After the car is unpacked and the groceries are put away, we immediately put on our swimsuits and headed out towards the beach. But before we could dip our toes in the water, the Moms needed to take our picture for their "2009 Memories" album.

















I started unloading the car, and the first thing that I took out was my 18-pack of PBR. I then grabbed a beer and proceeded to immediately drink it. Hell, I was on vacation after all. Trite things like unloading the car could wait until I finished my first beer.






























Brian and Kevin proclaim themselves as Life Partners (LP's) and do nearly everything together. They even stood next to each other before going swimming, wearing the same swimsuits as last year, and looking just as goofy. These two kids deserve each other.






Kevin's mom told him that there was dinner in the fridge (brats and hotdogs) so we went to root through the fridge to find it. I don't know why I tagged along, because she didn't say I could have any. But she didn't say that I couldn't have any, so I took advantage of her non specific instructions. And it was damn good. Mmmmm.


We had been wearing sombrero's all summer long, so there really was no reason to stop now. Kevin and I had promised to wear them every waking hour of every day. It's a tough promise to keep, but one that we damn sure will try as hard as humanly possible to do.

In a flash it was dinner time, so we walked back down towards good ol' Cabin #2. Cabin #1 (occupied by the Burnett/McKissick clan) shares a dock with ours, because their cabin is across the street. That was the reason why I didn't yell at them to vacate our property. And Jenny? She's cool, cause she's starting the revolution.

We had already started the party with the sombreros, and soon enough more people would jump on the bandwagon. But let it be known (with photographic evidence) that Jenny, Kevin and I were the first ones wearing them (at least at Afterglow).


I bought this t-shirt for Jenny for Christmas because one of the guys on her favorite TV show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' wore it. Even if not for that, Come to Philly for the Crack is hilarious. I'm confident that my present was a good one.


Most kids get tired of posing for their Mother's cameras, but since I take more pictures than any of the Moms do, I'm ok with making the sacrifice if that means I can get them to do it in return. But I always have time to take a picture with my Mom Kris.

My Mom always said that you are supposed to wait like a half hour after eating before you go swimming, but I'm pretty sure that rule doesn't apply at Afterglow. Plus the only set of rules that apply up here are Burt's rules, and as far as I recall, there was nothing in there about the amount of time between eating and swimming. But even though we don't abide by the rules, we're not idiots. We know that food causes cramps if you go swimming right away, so we use the body system. The "body" system? BODY! BUDDY!! Oh, the buddy system...












The only time that we took our sombreros off is when we went in the big pool. We didn't want to ruin them by getting them wet this early in the week. But we did leave them on while hanging out in the small pool, which we thought would be an acceptable compromise.