Afterglow 2008 - Day 1 Saturday




When we first arrive in Cabin #2, we need to Reck the place. Get it? Cause our last name is Reck. Eh? I'll be here all week. This always involves moving the table out of the kitchen, separating the "couches" and tipping the geese upside-down. Some of these are for practical purposes, and some are just for Schnitzengiggles.











This year they got a new hot tub, and it was a smaller above the ground model. Needless to say, we weren't impressed. Whereas before we could fit all of us in the tub, now we could only fit a maximum of 7 maybe 8 people. It's like they did it on purpose just to spite us. What did we ever do to piss them off? We're good eggs.





You see the picture of Coach Gordon Bombay, so you know that it was time for me to leave on a trip. But now just any old trip, I was leaving for the most glorious week of my entire year (aside from the World Series of Beer Pong). I'm talking about Afterglow, which does place ahead of the WSoBP thanks to the presence of my entire family and the fact that I can drink and swim, sometimes at the same time. Afterglow is very important to me, because it is a week where I can leave everything behind and just chill out for a whole week. I wouldn't trade that for anything in the entire world, not even Brewers season tickets for life. I know that it sounds pretty crazy, but if you've been to Afterglow than you totally understand me. I bet you that Heaven looks and feels just like Afterglow. And if it doesn't, than it wishes that it did. So for the next week, I would be in Heaven on Earth. But to get there I was going to have to drive my Mom's car 5 hours up North to get there. Small price to pay for a week-long foray into hallowed paradise. And it's a sacrifice that I am annually willing to take. Let Afterglow 2008 begin!

















If you have followed my adventures before, than none of this should seem weird to you. I'm going to assume that you have, so I will not apologize or make excuses for anything we do here. Jenny and I got some Box Wine (Franzia Chillable Red), which would soon become 2008's drink of choice. And S-ing the B became our new thing.











This was Faith's 3rd year at Afterglow, and although we had only been here for a few hours, I could tell that she was gonna have a great week because she was loving every minute of it. You have to act like a child if you truly hope to extract every ounce of fun from this place. Aside from the drinking, I'm as much of a child as she is.





















Kevin and Brian are "gay" for each other, but not in a gay way. It's kind of hard to describe. I guess gay is the wrong terminology to use here. The best way to classify their relationship is by saying that they are life partners, or even hetero lifemates. See, they totally love women, but they have a special bond and friendship that will last for all time. You may question someone else's lifestyle or their choices, but in the end you just have to respect them and their choices. Plus I think there's nothing wrong with hetero lifemates. Hell, even I've got one.

The first thing that we do when we get up to Afterglow is go swimming. Ok, so technically Mom makes us unload the car and put away the groceries first, but swimming is the first thing on our minds. As soon as we are allowed to go swimming in the big pool, we round up the cousins and sign the pact. People who sign the "swim every day" pact need to do so, because if they don't they owe everyone else who did sign it $5, and they also have to receive an atomic wedgie from each person if they fail to swim every day while we are up here. The consequences are so harsh that in the 5 or so years we have been signing the pact, no one has come close to giving up $5 and receiving a ton of atomic wedgies. No one is stupid enough to endure monetary and physical pain like that. It's asinine to think that we would even consider it a possibility. So we swam in the big and little pool to satisfy Saturday's quota, and we were better people for doing it. Our Moms were proud.