Afterglow 2008 - Day 1 Saturday


















I've been drinking box wine right out of the bag for as long as I can remember, but I was never as obsessed with S-ing the B (slapping the bag) than I was at Afterglow 2008. It is something that has carried on into my Sunday life when I S the B every time that the Packers score. But at Afterglow it was really something special, and it will stand out as one of the more memorable moments of the 2008 edition.














Faith was playing this virtual cooking game on her Nintendo DS where you had to use a whisk to beat eggs in a bowl, put frosting on a cake, and other cooking related tasks like that. You see, kids today are too caught up in the virtual world. If she would have been doing all of that in reality, then we would have been eating a sweet cake that night. Darn kids. They need to start acting right.

There's a lot of very good reasons why Jenny is also my best friend as well as my sister, and one of the big ones is that we have similar interests. One of which is S-ing the B. Jenny's not afraid of doing anything, even if you know ahead of time that it is a terribly bad idea. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this one, but box wine gives you an incredibly bad hangover the next day if you drink too much of it the night before. When you are S-ing the B, you get so caught up in the slapping that you tend to forget how much you have consumed. S-ing the B almost always leads to a nice hungover morning. But yet Jenny and I keep doing it. But that's just one of the reasons why we're the bomb.
















When I'm up at Afterglow I turn into a no-good hooligan; kind of like those kids on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio. I start drinking, smoking, gambling, and all types of Ill Stuff. But it's ok, just as long as I don't turn into a jackass. Oops, too late. I guess it's all good until I grow a tail and start yelling out heeee-haaaaaw all the time. Only then I'll know that I've gone too far with this unmitigated Ill Stuff. So we were hanging out around the campfire, which was a perfect setting for laughing at jokes, story telling, smoking cigars and shotgunning beers.








While Jenny and I were taking care of the B Dubs (bow wine), Brian was dominating a Super Chill-sized bottle of Mountain Chill. You know, one of those knock-off store brand Mountain Dew sodas. Brian bought a 3 liter bottle, and vowed to drink the entire bottle by the end of the night. And true to his word, he actually did it. Drinking 3 liters of soda in a few hours can't be a good thing.