Afterglow 2008 - Day 1 Saturday




As soon as the sun goes down, our options at Afterglow become limited. We can hang out in someone's cabin (permitting that they allow us to do so), play cards in the lodge (but only until 10pm because of quiet hours), walk around the lake, go to the casino, or hang out by the fire. We usually just hang out by the fire. But we can not put any new logs on after 11:30pm and we have to be relatively quiet while we are down there. Anyone who knows us knows that being quiet is something that we have trouble doing. And then at midnight, we have to abandon the fire area and figure out someplace else to hang if we aren't ready for bed. And there lies the eternal question - where can we rage it after hours where we won't bother anyone? Thanks to our Uncles and Aunts, in 2008 we found the answer to that question - Kurutz's Kourt.

































You saw Jenny and I at the store buying the Chillable Red, so you know that this bag of box wine was full at the beginning of the day. Seeing as how there are 5 liters in 1 bag, that means that Jenny and I rocked 2.5 liters of box wine. Now that's an S load of box wine. But we didn't care. Hell, we were on vacation so we were entitled to drinking as much as we wished, no matter hw much it would suck the next day.

There are some tennis courts up the hill from the cabins, and they are far enough away from the cabins so that we can talk and laugh without bothering the people who are trying to sleep. We're not far enough away where we can shout and cause mayhem, but it's a fair compromise. We have to watch our voices a little bit, which is quite hard for me to do after S-ing the B all night. Brian (left) and Tommy (right) are just naturally loud, partly because they are kids, partly because they are boys, but mostly because they are Kurutzs. And they learned from the best - their Dads. Uncle Rick and Uncle Greg were raging it up on the tennis court, and they gave us the best idea of the entire week.