Afterglow 2002 - The Afterglow Hurricane / Monsoon

My flash reflected off of the falling raindrops, and made them look like snow. That was cool. If you've visited my website at all, then you know how much of a fan of the self timer I am, and this was just another opportunity to use it. The rain was so thick, you could hardly see. It was wild. And you all just sat in your boring little cabins when you could've had fun playing in the rain with me...

The campfire, swimming, + raft areas. Looks a bit different in torrential downpour, doesn't it?

For all of you non-family members, I think I owe you an explanation of this section of my site. Afterglow is a lake resort in Phelps Wisconsin (way up North near Upper Michigan) that we go to every year. In fact, we've been going there for over 10 years now. The same families go there for that one week every year, and we have a grand old time. We swim (a lot), play baseball, basketball, and other things that you will see in the coming pages.

Mitchell, in the rec room, trying to stay warm and dry whilst the rain outside drenched everything it fell upon.

On Sunday, it started raining like you wouldn't believe. The rain fell down like madness. And I thought, what better than to run around outside in it and take pictures? I got drenched, but I was in my swimsuit, so why not?
















































Almost the same picture as the one above the fire area one, but this time after the rain had cleared up. There still was a light fog, that soon lifted, providing the awesome images you will see on the next page.

Me chilling on our pier after the storm was over. A world of difference from the above pictures, eh?