Afterglow 2002 - The Surprising Aftermath of the Storm


James, Susie, and Tim on the dock after the storm. It had cleared up just enough for you to come out of your cabins and enjoy the day.

Once the rain had cleared up, the sun provided us with a beautiful rainbow. It was a little difficult to capture on camera, but I did the best I could. If you look carefully in the center of each of these pictures, you can see it. The other end of the rainbow was to the right of this one, but was very faint, and I couldn't capture it in a picture. Nice anyway though.

Feeding time for the puppies. I felt sad for that one that they other puppies wouldn't let in. Poor little thing.

Ah, Afterglow at it's finest With perfect weather on hand, it was now time to get our swim on.

Having had their meal, the puppies laid out in the sun to nap. What a wonderful idea.




































After the clouds had cleared, the sun started creeping out, and reached the trees first, providing a yellowish tone to the forest. Oddly enough, the sun did not immediately shine on the lake, giving the trees a bright glare. The clouds on the other hand, stayed around for a bit.