Afterglow 2002 - Baseball: Where Even Dale can be the Hero
















The greatest thing about this website is that it is mine, and I can put on it whatever I want. And there is nothing you can do about it. Consequently, people I know receive exposure within the confines of this site, and they can't do anything about it! Ha ha ha ha! Bow down to your webmaster! Oh yeah, this is Brian (left) and Tommy (right) playing baseball that beautiful Monday afternoon... Oh, and just to self-promote myself every chance I get, that's me doing a wonderful job of catching behind the plate.

All of the kids are doing it these days. Jenny (left) and Susie (right) proudly model the Dale's. This year we're taking the product globally. The world is ours! We will dominate every aspect of every country's culture. Everywhere you go, kids will be Dale's in the making. Dale will be proud of his legions of followers.

Stepping to the plate, the coolest person in the world (in his own mind only) number 11, your ruler, founder, and operator of this domain - Scott "Pookon" Reck. I am too cool for words. Ha ha!

The infamous early 90's style Dale Glasses that he helped make popular. Bet you never knew that Dale was a trendsetter. That guy surprises you around every corner.