Afterglow 2004 - Day 1






































James stopped at Pamida trying to find a big mug to drink his alcoholic beverages out of, and sadly did not find one, which accounts for the angry look on his face.

Mom (Kris) had already been there for more than a day when we arrived, and was already is full-out relaxation mode by the time we got there. She was loving it.

We got the swim suits on and headed on down to the beach to do a little swimming. Afterglow's greatest resource is the lake itself, and we make good use of it during the week that we spend up there.

James does a little catching up with Aunt Rose and Aunt Carol (not our real Aunts but we call them that anyway) and finds out what's going on since the last time that we saw them (Timmy's graduation party.)

Timmy wouldn't put the guitar down during the week, which is good because that's his thing. Me? Well, I wouldn't put down the Pabst Blue Ribbon, because that's kind of my thing. If Tim was playing guitar, then I was drinking PBR. I don't want to sound like an alcoholic or anything, but I certainly talked about it a whole lot.

Now that all of the silliness was aside, it was time for swimming. Tim set himself up on the slide like a famous person from history (to prevent from being banished, I will not mention his name.) I really don't feel like getting in trouble. Kevin just ignored Tim and walked into the water, turning back just in time for this picture.