Afterglow 2014 - Day 1 Saturday

If you listened to the podcast or checked out any of these pictures, you know that we were a real mess that night. Like New Orleans after Katrina. What? Too soon?!? It's never too soon damn it! Kevin was in full on "slay the infidels" mode and let everyone who was in shrieking distance know about it. I don't blame him for this nonsense though. I was the one egging him on. Plus how can you not raise a sword in the air and yell like a terrorist when you are filled with rage and wearing your shirt on your head like this? He did what any normal person would do in this situation. OK, so that was a lie. A  normal person would not have done any of this. That's exactly why I don't hang out with normal people. They are boring. I hang out with folks who know how to rage.

We (Curtis, Brian, Jenny and I) have these little South Park dolls. Last year we were all supposed to bring them to Afterglow, but I was the only one who brought it (technically). Jenny wasn't going to let my Stan be lonely, so she brought her Kyle this year.

Just when I thought that we were all done swimming for the day, we all ganged up on the HT. We had everyone who was up there (but strangely not BK) as Pinkman, Stacy, Jenny, Brandon, Beege, Tommy, Kevin and I exceeded the occupancy limits of the tub.
After soaking our bones in the HT, Tommy, Kevin and I decided to go back out into the lake for another swim. It's not uncommon for us to swim several times in a day, but the closer it gets to dark, the less likely we are to swim. So thank you booze.












If you are going to go swimming in the latter hours of the day, you better sign up for the HT so that you can bask in its' warmth when you reach shore. Even though it is late July, it tends to get a little cool around here in the evening, so the hot water and bubbling jets comforts you upon your return from the HD. At this point, the wheels had totally fallen off (just look at us!) and we decided to record a podcast while hanging out in the tub. You can listen to that here, but beware - it's complete and utter nonsense. You have been warned pal.


















































Tommy had raged it pretty hard today. We all did, but he was the only one who passed out in the hot tub. This nickname wasn't coined until later in the week but I can spill it now because it's all in the past - Brandon called Tommy "Peppermint" because he's soft like a peppermint patty. Now I'm not necessarily going to agree with Brandon (cause Tommy can rage) but Peppermint is a sweet nickname.
This cabin #2 has 2 bedrooms, a pull out couch and a closet with bunk beds. Guess where Brandon and Jenny got to sleep? If the picture isn't a dead giveaway then let me spoil it now - the closet with bunk beds. Lowest on the totem poll doesn't get to choose.


The Lord only knows how long we were in there. I couldn't put a time on it, but it was long enough where things got weird. The podcast we recorded is just under a half hour, so it was at least that long. By the time Kevin started wearing his shirt on his head like the Iron Sheik, we had clearly overstayed our welcome. Besides, it was nightfall. The sun may go down, but the rage was just beginning. More rage? I might get sick.