Afterglow 2012 - Day 1 Saturday



We used to buy so many groceries when we had a full cabin, but this year it was just me, Mom and Jenny with 2 nights of Eddie. We didn't need much but we still picked out our favorites. Jenny grabbed a bunch of frozen vegetables. What a health nut.

We're a little weird. When we go swimming we don't just go and jump in. We often sit around and chat for a bit. We like to take things slow here at Afterglow. After all it was only Day 1. We still had plenty of time left in the week to amp up the rage.

Despite this being her car (The Umph Luv Mobile) she called "back" because I always drive to Afterglow. Call it being the man of the family or tradition, but it is just something that I do. And there is nothing these women can do to stop me. Bwah ha ha!

We stopped for gas at a random town and Jenny and I couldn't resist playing one of those "quarter bulldozer" games. I know it's a waste of money (evident by the fact that I lost $5 on the game) but it isn't the stupidest thing I've done. It's not even close.















We were pulling into Eagle River and heading towards Bonson's Pick N' Save and it was past 5pm. I guess that's what happens when you get a late start. Even though half of Day 1 had been wasted thus far, I was still heading towards Afterglow.














I headed straight to the processed foods and grabbed a box of corn dogs. I have a short list of foods that I need to have up at Afterglow and it also includes delicious crap like Lucky Charms and Five Alive. Anything else on top of that is gravy man.


When we were driving up along the road that leads into the resort we saw a few deer just chilling on the road. Our arrival must have spooked them and this was the best picture I could take. That son of a bitch is lucky I didn't get a Deer U I.














We got up there about 3 hours late and I wanted nothing more than to make a beeline for the lake. But there are certain protocols that must be followed to a "T" or else Mom will yell at us. The first thing is the we need to unpack the car and put away all of the groceries. Luckily Cousin Kevin had been waiting for us and opted to make or time from arrival to lake go by quicker. And as always Jenny was on hand to assist with the usual tasks like rearranging the furniture and cousin proofing the cabin.















Afterglow is all about traditions and one of the biggest ones is turning the geese upside-down. This was Timmy's thing that we have tried to carry on. I have to stress the try part now because Pete is on to us. They are now nailed to the wall, so I had to take an upside-down picture.












Even though I would have preferred to get here say like 3 hours earlier, none of that mattered anymore because I was with my cousins. And we were about to do our favorite thing at Afterglow. Not drinking (although we did that too) but going for a swim.


This bear has been here a few years and in the past we've made him a part of the family by giving him a sombrero to wear. This year he got a Rage for Timmy bracelet because everyone was doing it.