Afterglow 2016 - Day 1 Saturday




I need Afterglow. Without it, my life would have no meaning. I spend the whole year counting down to this week, as evident from the Milwaukee Brewers one-a-day calendar on my desk at work. When the clock ticked 6pm and I punched out of work, my vacation could officially begin. With my pink rage shades on, I walked down the stairs, clicked my heels, did a monster fist pump and walked through the parking lot to my car.

Buying Rhinelander Shorty's has become as sanctioned of a tradition as Afterglow herself. Well, not really. Let's not go that far and put these 7 ounce beers on top of that pedestal. But they are tasty, delicious and comforting. Kind of like Afterglow. If that makes sense.













Afterglow is all about traditions, so bear with me if you have seen or heard these things before. I set out my requisite Gone Fishin' sign at my desk and went home to pack my bags for the journey ahead. Friday night I then met my friends out at the bar after they got off work at Miller Park. We closed the place down, then my friend Mike from Ohio came over for a sleepover. At 3am we had pizza cut into party squares and laughed and talked of memories past. 630am came real quick and I had to hug my little guy Korben Dallas goodbye. The next couple of days were going to be amazing but I always miss this little bastard. He's a jerk. That's for sure. But he's my jerk.















After less than 4 hours of sleep, I got the car packed in 15 minutes and we were on the road by 915am. It would be just Mom and I in the car this year because Jenny was driving up by herself later this week. She wasn't able to take off of work all 5 days, so she had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And although she would be missed, we would sustain the rage until she arrived.









On a random stretch of Highway 10 West towards Stevens Point, traffic stopped to a standstill for no apparent reason. I was worried that this was going to delay our vacation but it started up again. What was the point of that? We stopped at Arby's in Wausau (like usual) and I took a picture of myself in the mirror (not like usual). That's because this year I was looking all badass with a sweet pair of sideburns. I want to party with that guy.




























The last stop before Afterglow is "Bonson's" Pick N' Save in Eagle River. When we arrived, I got on my watermelon phone and called up the person who would be my across the street neighbor for the week - the one and only Kevin McKissick. He showed up wearing his shirt from The Reck's 40th Annual Christmas Party but with Christmas crossed out and replaced with Afterglow. What a goof. But at least my Mom loves him.