Afterglow 2016 - Day 1 Saturday




When we pull into the resort and arrive at Cabin #2, it all starts to sink in that we are finally here. What better reason to crack open a Rhinelander Shorty and celebrate the good times? They should put this place in their marketing campaign. They're sitting on a goldmine!









After the car is unpacked and all of the stuff is put away, I am free from my responsibilities and can be a complete fool for the rest of the week. Well, at least until my Mom adds more responsibilities to my "To Do List". The first thing that I need to do is immerse myself in the waters of Lake Afterglow, so I gather all of the willing participants and head down towards the lake.







One of the things that BK and I discuss prior to arriving in Paradise is laying down the proper base to avoid burning. This means countless shirtless afternoons in the backyard absorbing the sun's bountiful rays. This is done so that when we spend the majority of the week without a shirt, we don't look ridiculous. BK proudly shows off his base for the gathered crowd of one (me) who stayed to take it all in.







Every year there needs to be a LP picture on the beach. How else can we track their growth progression year after year? 
Kevin and I had both reached the raft. Nice accomplishment pal. It's not like the moon. People have been there before. Get over it.










After getting our first taste of the calming waters of Lake Afterglow for the first time in 350-some days (with the exception of me and anyone brave enough to join me in the offseason at one of the RFT adventures), we generally visit the HT. Once you BP, you should probably HT afterwards. I believe that direction came directly from a notable and well respected Doctor. Who? Don't worry about that.








I was hanging out on the dock outside the cabins just taking it all in when my Mom walked by. She insisted on being in one of my pictures. And how could I resist? After all, she's the whole reason I am here (not just at Afterglow because she foots the bill but also on the Planet Earth). And what a place to be and also a time to thank the Gods above that you are still alive to take all of this in. There are many definitions of beauty and I believe that it is very subjective to the eyes of the viewer. But to me, this is the most beautiful place.