Afterglow 2016 - Day 1 Saturday



When there's only one place left to go, it's Afterglow. But what is the last place left to go when you are there? That of course is KK. Luckily for us, that place was open for business on the first night of our stay here. But should it have been? Shouldn't the bouncer have taken a look into our glazed over eyes and denied us entry? Probably. But on that night, the bouncer was too busy chasing down the college co-eds that promised him a dance in exchange for free drinks. That is how we were allowed to rage up here unsupervised and got away with it Scott-free, Kevin-free and Beege-free. And so ends our first night at Afterglow. Only 6 more nights to go...





















Day always turns to night. It is a natural progression that has been going on since well before you or any human being that lived before you was born. We can't fight it or stop it, so we might as well just make the best of it. At Afterglow this means figuring out a place to go that we can rage for the remainder of our waking hours. Tonight Uncle Greg and Aunt Sandy allowed us into their cabin to play chess, sit around laughing and making all sorts of noise. We typically wear our our welcome very fast, so I wouldn't bet on there being too many more night of us hanging out in Cabin #5. But for tonight, we will relish in our glory and rage until the wheels fall off.

















Mom came down to Cabin #6 to join in on the festivities of Afterglow Arrival Day and ended up getting a picture with 2 very cool dudes. The first of which is Curtis, who is married to her niece Susie. I don't need to sit here and tell you "Who is this Curtis?" because you already know how much everyone loves this goofy bastard. The 2nd of which is a man that she has known since the day he was born, her younger brother Rick (2nd of Chester and Marilyn's children). I shouldn't have to tell you about Uncle Rick either because he knows how to party pretty much as well as any of his family members. The combination of Curtis and Rick are enough to ensure that any time spent with them will be memorable.






The flyer on the fridge said that our week was from July 23rd - August 2nd, but Afterglow always runs from a Saturday to a Saturday. This meant that our actual checkout day was July 30th. In my eyes that's a BONUS!! and I'm staying until Tuesday August 2nd. Uncle Rick seemed to agree because he freed the nipple, which was an indication that he was prepared to stay here for extended party hours. This was when the first night went awry.












We were playing "Apples-to-Apples" in Cabin #6 and I was overly confident that my Green card was going to be picked. I was so certain that I bet that if it didn't I would run outside in the rain without my shirt on and get swept up in the elements. These pictures are evidence that not only did my card not get picked but also that I follow through on my promises. But is this any different that usual? I always drink whiskey topless in the rain. The only thing that changed was the location. But what a beautiful change of scenery it was.









Even though Curtis and Susie (who sleep on a blow-up bed in the living room) were tucked in and ready for their nighttime slumber, Uncle Rick was adamant of keeping the party going. He poured us shots of only God knows what and we sucked them down like leeches. He got us all liquored up and then promptly kicked us out of the cabin. So what were a couple of drunkards to do next?