Afterglow 2016 - Day 4 Tuesday



After a few days of rage, it is inevitable that you need to go into town to restock on the essentials (booze and ice). I usually take this trip with Kevin in his car because despite being in my mid 30's, I still need to ask permission to borrow my Mom's car. Since Kevin owns and operates his own car, he doesn't have to do shit except turn the key and head on down the road. I do look forward to this little adventure not only because the open road is a place where I belong, but it also gives us a purpose. We're two men on a mission. One that won't end well, but it's a mission all the same. And if we don't have a mission to go on, then what's the point of being on this journey?

Even though in my advancing years I need sleep more than ever to recover from the day before, there are many positives about waking up early at Afterglow. The first of which is that you have extra daytime hours to enjoy this paradise. The second thing is that you get to see the sunrise and the mist over the lake. The final thing is that it is quiet, which allows you to exist in silence with only your thoughts. With all of the kids running around here, it can be a very chaotic place.  When you can find a moment of solitude, you appreciate it.




















While the adults sat on the beach and contemplated their next move, the kids were already out in full force on the log and the raft. It make take the adults a while to make up their minds on what to do next, but the kids know that the only thing that matters is the rage. And even though raging can be anything you want it to be, our definition of rage isn't sitting on the beach deciding what to do next.

































I'm sure that every time I have pictures of us playing the ring game, I say the same thing - that this is the bane of our existence. And I don't care how many times I say it because it is worth repeating - It will eventually be the death of us. That is because once we start playing, we have to keep playing until the ring is securely stationed on the hook. When we reach that point we are overjoyed with the sensation of victory and triumph. But to get to that point of elation we must suffer through numerous frustrating attempts that leave us broken and bereft of all hope. But the sweet taste of success always masks the disgusting trials to get there.
















Judging from the fact that Uncle Greg, Uncle Rick, Mom. Aunt Sandy and Aunt Maria were all down here, I'm going to venture a guess that today was a beach day. You can count on the cousins swimming every day regardless of the weather, but you know that it is nice out when the parents come down here in their bathing suits. That at least implies they intend to enter the water at some point today.