Afterglow 2016 - Day 5 Wednesday



Knowing that Jenny would be here by Wednesday, I signed us up for the Bags Tournament as "Beebop & Rocksteady", a team name that we have gone by over the last few years. So on this gloomy morning we faced off against Gail and Kavin. It turned out to not even be a competition because they steamrolled us. I could sit here and complain that it wasn't fair because they get to play every week and I haven't played in a while and Jenny just got up here and blah blah blah. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that we are here at Afterglow and we were having the time of our lives. Isn't that what is important? It certainly means more than a silly little game of throwing bags of beans into a hole cut into a slab of wood.


Beege had to grab a picture with his family (minus Kevin but adding Maddie) before he hit the road. And since we were all out to wish him happy trails until we meet again, now was as good as a time as ever to get a picture of Aunt Rose, Aunt Kris and Aunt Carol. Depending on who you talk to, their titles may change, but the loveliness and kindness does not. We are all fortunate to know them.
It was great having Jenny here because she woke me up to #BaconWednesdays, which for the first time in a long time was very timely and appropriate. I have #BaconWednesdays fairly often, but very rarely does it land on an actual Wednesday.
One of the many downsides to getting older is that life sometimes gets in the way. This prevents you from a lot of things, but the current example is Beege not being able to stay for the whole week. As you head home today Beege - fair thee well on your journey...





































































Every year that Jenny and I enter the Bags Tournament as Beebop & Rocksteady I always ponder this question - why do we choose that as our team name? They never ever ever defeated the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How in the World could they expect to beat anyone in a Bags Tournament? I guess it is just wishful thinking and a belief in the law of averages that that some way, some how, they will end up winning at one point. So year after year we will keep on trying. We hope that some day the Maître D will serve up those heroes in a half shell and we will dine on turtle soup. But not today!!!

While we were playing Bags Cousin Kevin was playing soccer, playing selfies and playing along with the hand that feeds him. I asked him to take some pictures and videos of our game and he toed the company line. That's not to say that there wasn't any time in the middle for goofing around. On the contrary. All employees are given plenty of goof around time as part of their benefits package. It's the least I could provide for those willing to work for me all of those years without pay.








After the official bags tournament game was over, it was time for the real fun to begin. We had a couple of fans in attendance to watch Beebop & Rocksteady's dismal failure. At the time I didn't know why they stuck around, but now it makes perfect sense - they wanted a piece of the action. It was a match of the parents and children as Kris & Jenny took on Dale & Kevin. I have no idea who won this exhibition game even though I was present at the time, have picture and video proof and theoretically should have some memory retention of the event. But if that is what you think then you obviously don't know me. I didn't know then and I sure as hell don't know now. Why would I?
We lost in the Bags Tournament but we didn't have to sit around and be upset about it. Look, we weren't happy about it, but there was no sense crying into spilled TGRI mutagen canisters. The better team won today and the team that always looses lost yet again. Hopefully the Shredder won't be so upset with us when we return to the base. But who are we kidding? He'll shake his fist in the air and curse those darn Turtles.























The videos would seem to indicate that Dale & Kevin were the better team, but the pictures below indicate that Kris & Jenny were the prettier team. K & J also look a lot more excited to get their picture taken, but that doesn't tell me anything because I feel like Dale & Kevin always look this way. So what have we learned here today? Absolutey nothing! That's not true actually. We have learned that winning doesn't matter. Only family, friendship and fun matter. Afterglow is overflowing with those F's. There are so many F's and FF's that I don't know what to do with myself anymore.