Camping with Dad (2009)




I didn't want to burn all of our wood tonight (we still had 2 more nights up here) so I scavenged around in the woods for some sticks. Keeping the fire lit proved to be a difficult task because it was dark outside and I had already opened up the bottle of whiskey. Like I mentioned previously, just a week before I was at Afterglow, so heavy drinking was still the fashionable thing to do. Or at least that is what I thought.


Despite being the weekend after Afterglow, I somehow had enough vacation to take off of work Friday so we went up there on a Thursday night. As you saw above we stopped at the Pick n Save in town to buy some groceries and then we got to the campsite. Normally you don't like to set up camp at night, but my Dad has a pop up camper which is really easy to set up. We kicked back, relaxed and hung out.

I don't remember what we ate that night, but I'm pretty sure that we cooked our food on the gas grill. That didn't stop me from making a giant fire. I love fire. If I wasn't afraid of my heart getting burned, I would marry fire. I bought some fire wood in town from some guy's yard. The wood was just sitting out with a lock box next to it so that you can drop the money in. Small towns amaze me with the trust that they bestow upon visitors. The wood was a little wet because of the recent rain, but I got it going good.

Back in 2004 I went camping with my Dad at this same place, Point Beach State Park in Two Rivers, WI. This year he brought his dog Percy along, much like he usually does when he is camping these days. I didn't mind because I kind of like the little fellow.



















































My Dad loves to go camping. He goes several times a year and I try to make it to one of them. The problem is that my summer is extremely busy (thanks to the Brewers) so we have to creatively schedule the trip. We settled on the weekend of August 8.