Camping with Dad

There was only one thing that I wanted to do this summer that I never got around to doing, and that was to go camping. When you work three jobs it's hard enough to schedule time for all of them, let alone free time or an entire weekend to relax. The situation finally presented itself the weekend of September 11. I know that doesn't seem like summer to most of you, but according to the calendar and the weather, it still was. We picked a great weekend to go, and it was great.

All of the pictures on this page were taken along the way to Three Rivers, Wisconsin when I stopped along the way to call my Dad because I was lost. The last stretch of road before the campground followed along Lake Michigan, and you probably share my sentiments when I say that this was a very beautiful area. It reminds me of Pacific Coast Highway along the California Coast. Well at least the nicer parts and not the ghetto areas...

This turned out to be the final "cruising with the top down" trip in the ol' beauty. I knew that I would have to get a new car soon, for this old girl was dying. It was nice and warm out, which was expected because the summer had been so cold. I love how the weather improves as soon as school starts. Figures. The trip up was comfortable thanks to my baby.

I was awaiting a phone call from my Dad so I took out the guitar and played for a little while. This old couple walking by slowed down the pace so they could listen to me play a little bit of Mrs. Robinson.

Ok I lied. This picture was taken after we had gone swimming. We didn't waste time setting up camp, we just threw on our suits and dove it. It's amazing how warm and nice the lake is away from the Milwaukee area.